Thursday, May 25, 2017


If you knew that Di would have to fix the boo-boo's????
Cause you were right--
First thing after breakfast--
I grabbed the seam ripper and started ripping--
started on the right side of the quilt--
those 2 dark squares together drove me 'nuts'
(ok--we know I am already nuts--so nutter!!!)
Ok now the upper right hand corner is the correct way it should be--
but now we still have a problem on the bottom row--
Soo--after lunch out came the seam ripper and we ripped the bottom row off--
and did some adjustments and --
Annnd---looky here--
it is now perfect--
no two whites or no two colors are together--
and I survived ripping out 'half' the top--
but I feel sooo much better now!!

And I did get this months wool pattern traced onto freezer paper--today--
I now have to get busy on the rest of this month's bom's --
or I will be getting behind--

              ENJOY THE MOMENTS-DI


  1. Yay this looks awesome! Hopefully my previous comment helped somewhat. :)

  2. thank goodness you saw it now and not to late.........

  3. OK, I am going to attempt to not do too much unpicking. I will try not to do too much unpicking, I will try not to...
    That cat's name must be Witt because he makes a great alarm clock!!

  4. Great job on the border! I know sometimes it's hard to live with something, even though someone else might not even notice the problem. Will you sleep better now??

  5. Now it's a totally awesome quilt! Have a great holiday weekend.

  6. Looks great Di...enjoy your next project.

  7. Oh well done! I would have had to rip it all out too... it looks fantastic! xx


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