Wednesday, May 24, 2017


And I got this weeks step done on the Kitchen quilt--
I loved making this border--was fun sewing all those 2" squares into 4 patches--
Just had a bit of a problem in the upper right hand corner and the lower left hand corner--
but no matter which way I turned the corner blocks I could not keep the pattern going--
so I finally decided I would go with it--
as isn't the rule--that no quilt be perfect--that there has to be some 'mistake' in the quilt--
so this one is mine--all mine!!!!!

But first the good news--
it is raining out there my friends--
nice steady rain--oh how we have needed some rain!!!
I hope we get enough that we get the 'pond' back and maybe some ducks will come--
and maybe there will be some baby ones tooo---
I just know that all the plants and flowers and trees are happy dancing right now!!!

               ENJOY EVERY MOMENT-DI


  1. It looks like the problem is that your first two sides were put on opposite one another (ie the color of the four patch is to the right on one and to the left on the other) and they actually need to be the same (ie both start on the left side or both start on the right side.

  2. Oh my! That border really pulls everything together. Great job.

  3. That's an awesome looking quilt! The border makes for a great frame.


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