Tuesday, May 16, 2017


But very slowly--
it seems--
life has given me some other things to do--
got both flower blocks prepped for the Kitchen quilt top--
and I got one done--
though I had the stems all appliqued in once--
when I realized that I had them on the back side of the fabric--
so out came the seam ripper--
Now the pattern has different flowers on it--
but I chose to 'fussy' cut some flowers for my vases--
and here is the first one--
and here is how it looks now--
I did count the votes for the teacup in the middle of the flower vases and it goes like this--
Rose -3
now I have to wait until the other flower block is done--
and we may have to vote again!!!!!

When I headed out the door to go to the grocery store this morning--
I heard Miss B shouting at me--
Please bring me home some pretty flowers to smell--
I think she was happy--
but let me tell you about fresh flowers in Fl--
just the ride home in the hot car really wilted these poor things--
couldn't believe it--
they perked up a bit--but still!!!!

Night Angel report--
I was on duty--(am on duty until Friday morning at 8am )
(from 5pm to 8am this week yet)
and was on for Mother's day--and there is a story--
around 11:30 on the week ends I have to walk all 4 floors and check on things--
then go in the office and write up a quick report--
as I came out of the office--I decided I needed a 'cat fix'--so I went down the first floor hallway to my friend Ruth's to see her cat Bumpy--he loves me--I know how to scratch his chin and behind his ears--after my visit and as I left and got in front of the next apartment I heard a tenant calling another womans name repeated--(she thought she heard her neighbor in the hallway-) and thought that was kinda odd--so I knocked on her door--and she said she had fallen--so went to the office and got the key to her apt--
had to call the fire dept to come and lift her up--but as soon as they did--
she screamed--so had to have the ambulance come for her--
we later learned she had broken her hip----
so I am calling Bumpy a 'Hero"!!!!!



  1. It must feel good to be a lifesaver! Just goes to show how important your job is. But I know it's very stressful for you. Will you continue?

  2. You had quite a time but I'm glad things worked out. It's a hard job! Love the cute coffee pot and cups. I need to learn to applique. Hugs!

  3. Great work Di... both the sewing and on the job! I do love the vase...your flower choices are perfect!

  4. dimensions matter

    measure thrice, cut again and again...I say

  5. Right off the bat--I cut out my stems backwards, so ugh!! I even thought about not doing that. It has been awhile since I have done any applique. Love yours--the colors are gorgeous.

  6. Wow Di! You are indeed an angel. There is no telling how long the lady might have laid there if it hadn't been for you. Great job!
    I really love what you are doing. Everything looks so cute. The flowers are wonderful. I love to applique, don't you? I find it very relaxing.
    Well, I need to get back to work. I am doing Spring Cleaning this week--washing walls, windows, curtains and anything else that needs to be clean. Take care!

  7. Oh Bumpy sure was a hero. If you hadn't gone to visit him the poor lady could have been on the floor all night. Well done Di.
    Lovely flower and your blocks are coming together nicely.

  8. Sounds like an exciting weekend. Cat fixes can save lives, you definitely proved that!


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