Thursday, June 29, 2017


Do I talk myself into some things all the time--
like one of our bom's--
the 'color' one--
does anyone know where I came up with the idea of birds????
and not just any birds--
birds that don't even have a pattern--
so each month I start over again--
Here is 'Yellow Bird" he is looking for little sea crabs!!!
This months bird is skinny--
so hope he finds lots of crabs and bugs!!!!
and here is the photo that I used to design him--

Here is the strip block for this month's yellow--
nice bright Sunshine yellows--
so now my cat block and bird blocks are done for June--
we are ready for the next color!!!???

And I got the next Christmas sal block done today--
Frannie and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday-
as I needed a skein of blue baby yarn--( and it was on sale--so more than one came home with me!!)
I always have to wander the fabric section--
and look at what I found-
this neat pinecone fabric--
and the reds I got there too--
along with the fabric that looks like sand that I used in the bird block!!!
so it was a nice trip!!!

I am happy to say that it has been a good month--
I have kept up with all the monthly projects and even got some sewing done on the quilt for my bed--
the only project not finished is June's wool block and that is not due till the 2nd Friday of the month-in this case that is the month of July-so I am not late on that yet---


Monday, June 26, 2017


My Fairies did not show up for work this week end--
this morning after breakfast--
one did come though!!
to tell me that the others had left to go north for awhile--

And why would they want to that I asked??
she said-- they said --it was 'cooler' up there!!!
Oh wellll--
But she had stayed behind to help me--
we decided to go back to the bedspread quilt project--
I had made another 'row' of blocks for down the one side late last  week--
so we laid it out again--
and decided I really needed to add one more, row in length-
so we got busy and did that--
This is one side now--
the other side now--
the foot of the bed--
and the top of the bed--
a nice coverage all around now--
I may add a colored border all around it yet--
still in the thinking 'phase' on that one????
so now it really does cover the bed--
the rows are not sewn all together--they are sewn in rows of 2--
except the last piece and that is 3 rows--
now to work on the pressing and quilting--
hope those fairies get back soon--
I need help!!!!


Saturday, June 24, 2017


My final project for May is finally finished--
the wool block--
I did do a small change--
I have an old crock in my wagon instead of a watering can--
what can I say--I gotta be different????

And here is the all the blocks so far--
Junes wool block goes next to the wagon one--
and it is prepped--soooo--
the good faires  said they would start stitching on it real soon--
like after they finish up the book they are reading right now!!!

And I have gotten alot more done on this project--
Got all 5 sets of double rows sewn together--
then laid them out on the bed--
but decided I really needed to add more row along one side--
had a couple block already made and so made a couple more and
now I am in the process of sewing them to each set of double rows--

Hope everyone has a 'wild and wooly' week end planned!!
Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I got the 5" blocks made for June's Patchwork bom--
Guess it was a "dotty" month--
didn't realize it until I was cutting them --

I went though all the blocks I had done so far--
and figured out which ones I had only done a single print in--
so now I am also ready for next month!!!

And I know this one will 'blow' your mind--
look at what I am finally--
finally sewing together--

This is for my bed --and will actually be turned--

This way on the bed--
I got a few more to sew together--
like 7 more rows--
but at least I am on my way--
doing them in long strips and then sewing two strips together at a time--
these are 8 blocks wide!!
Remember, I believe, that my January goal was to finish this top--
at least the month begins with a "J"!!!!


Sunday, June 18, 2017


I got 2 more blocks done--
the first is for the Christmas quilt--
Now this one
I think I did as much 'unpicking' as I did stitching--
on the bottom row, I did have the 2 background blocks reversed--
so that was my mistake--
the others--
no idea--
but I kept at it and it is done and measures correctly now--

And here is the 6th block done in the 10" size that I am doing--
for the Patchwork quilt --
and I got the fabrics picked out for the 5" blocks to start them tomorrow!!!

What did you do today--???
Hope it was fun whatever you did!!!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The color of pure sunshine is Yellow--
and this month we get to play with that color--
Got my cat block done--
and then I got the yellow log cabin block made to go with it--
so half my 'yellow' projects are done for this month--
and I think I found the photo of the bird I want to do for this month--
and even the yellow I want to use to make him--
time will tell?????

and here is where I am so far on last months wool block--
almost have the lamb part done--then there is the wagon and all that is going on in it to stitch yet!!!

I have also been learning how to play Mexican Dominoes this week--
so that has been fun--


Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Welll--both have to do with the mail really--
Yesterday when I went down for the mail--
I found these '2' magazines in the box--
I did not order these--
a good friend must have--
so that is the mystery--
Well--who ever you are--a big THANK YOU--
These are the first new magazines I have seen since moving here--
just haven't boughten any for some reason--!!!!
I did find-so far--2 patterns in the one that I really like--hummm????

And I ordered '2' patterns--
this one is the next one in a 6 pattern series--
from Crabapple Hill patterns--
and somehow--
have 'no' idea how--
but somehow this one jumped right in that same basket--
Hummm--now that means that I need to get started stitching--
have '3' of these patterns now to do--!!!!
Remember the first one in the "Girls Getaway" is the camper with an old truck in it--!!

I did get the yellow cat block appliqued today and the pieces cut for that log cabin block--
and I got the next wool block all prepped for the wool bom--
need to stop playing games downstairs and put down my book and stitch!!!!

This was my sunrise this morning!!!


Friday, June 9, 2017


I did make it down to the dock first thing this morning--
no rain--but a bit breezy down there--but 2 squirrels ventured out
for a couple peanuts and I got a bit of sun--
When I got back to the apartment, there was a phone message
and another tenant asked me to ride along while she went to Wally World--
who can No to that--
I needed a new ironing board cover--
which I did find-
then found a sale table of fabric--
and I picked up these two--a yard and half of each at $2.50 a yard--
yep just $2.50 a yard--and they are a nice heavy quality--sooo!!!!

Then when I went down for the mail today I found 2 packages in the box--
one I knew about--
I had ordered some more wool colors to my collection--
I realized that I did not have hardly any blues--so now I have some of those--
and you know how those 'carts' are--things just fall into them and we have to pay for them---
so here is some other colors!!

And there was a big box in the mailbox--
from my girl friend in NY---Annie--
Look at all this fabric--and some of these are large pieces of cloth--
and a nice selection of colors too--
will have some fun with these--
also got 3 older quilt magazines to read and a book--

So you could call today--A Material kind of day!!!!

          Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, June 8, 2017


on the ranch--no--
wait--that is right I don't live on a ranch--
sometimes it is a Zoo though here!!!!

Big Day in the sewing corner--
it what I meant to say--
First up was the Snowbuddies block--
for the Christmas bom--
remember it has taken me a couple weeks and--
3 different times I have picked out the fabrics--
I finally gave this combo a 'run'----

Second up-- I got the 10" block figured out and stitched up
for the Patchwork block--
My first attempt--I did twice as many half square triangles than I needed--
and then found out they were alllll too small--
so back to the paper and pencil--
then I got it right--
Here is the 5--10" blocks I have made so far--

This block was really easy--
then I went on and make the 4-5" inch ones--
added 2 more fabrics to the line--
Ohhh--that one in the upper right hand corner looks black--
but it is a purple one--

Now you can see the purple a little better--but then I washed out the teal one!!!

And my order for the Ivory Grudge fabric came in today for the wool block--
and I got that cut and the grass piece sewed onto it--
now to start stitching the wool pieces to it--
think the next block to this row by row comes out tomorrow--
so then I will officially behind on one of my sal!!!!
But the good news it--
all the rest of them are all caught up as of today!!!!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017


For today had a few items on it--
like this morning it was getting out my box of cards--
and getting some Birthday, Thank you's and Thinking of you cards written out--
and I needed to replant a new plant I had gotten--
then finally it was time to do a couple sewing items--
For a couple days now the binding had been cut--
 and was sitting on the ironing board for the Kitchen quilt--
and that got made and put in it's own little bag and added to this box--
I think I need to get busy and get some quilts hand quilted--
my little box is getting full!!!
But I like to get the binding figured out and make at the same time as the quilt top--

Then I have been working on this one--
this is one that Alice and I did together about 4 years ago now I think--
my blocks where black and white with that months color in them--
when the quilt top was done I had added this border--
when I got it out thinking I would get the backing and batting ready for it--
I instantly did not like the border fabric I had used back then--
so out came the seam ripper--
and today I added new ones--using my "pattern" that I had used in the blocks--
opposites of the black and white--
I do like the new border better now--
and I had planned and ordered this wide backing for it--
But 2 things happened here--
one I cut it wrong--
and second I really did not like it either--
the fabric is heavy--and you know for the most part I hand quilt--
so am worried about it being too hard to do that through this fabric--
so am on the hunt for a different background!!!

We have been getting alot of rain--
which we have needed here--
I hope now all the wild fires are out--
But now that also means that we will be back to letting everyone--
do fireworks for the 4th of July--
has any seen my 'ear plugs'????


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