Thursday, June 8, 2017


on the ranch--no--
wait--that is right I don't live on a ranch--
sometimes it is a Zoo though here!!!!

Big Day in the sewing corner--
it what I meant to say--
First up was the Snowbuddies block--
for the Christmas bom--
remember it has taken me a couple weeks and--
3 different times I have picked out the fabrics--
I finally gave this combo a 'run'----

Second up-- I got the 10" block figured out and stitched up
for the Patchwork block--
My first attempt--I did twice as many half square triangles than I needed--
and then found out they were alllll too small--
so back to the paper and pencil--
then I got it right--
Here is the 5--10" blocks I have made so far--

This block was really easy--
then I went on and make the 4-5" inch ones--
added 2 more fabrics to the line--
Ohhh--that one in the upper right hand corner looks black--
but it is a purple one--

Now you can see the purple a little better--but then I washed out the teal one!!!

And my order for the Ivory Grudge fabric came in today for the wool block--
and I got that cut and the grass piece sewed onto it--
now to start stitching the wool pieces to it--
think the next block to this row by row comes out tomorrow--
so then I will officially behind on one of my sal!!!!
But the good news it--
all the rest of them are all caught up as of today!!!!



  1. Cute snow buddies!! Glad you got it figured out. Sometimes I think fabric selection is the hardest part.

  2. You are so dedicated! Keep on stitching, my friend.

  3. Very fun snow guys! Your cross blocks look great too. I don't know why some colors are so hard to get right in photos. I've had the same problem with dark purple and dark green.

  4. Great job keeping up with those great blocks.. I must get the last FQ ones done before the June ones are released...


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