Wednesday, June 7, 2017


For today had a few items on it--
like this morning it was getting out my box of cards--
and getting some Birthday, Thank you's and Thinking of you cards written out--
and I needed to replant a new plant I had gotten--
then finally it was time to do a couple sewing items--
For a couple days now the binding had been cut--
 and was sitting on the ironing board for the Kitchen quilt--
and that got made and put in it's own little bag and added to this box--
I think I need to get busy and get some quilts hand quilted--
my little box is getting full!!!
But I like to get the binding figured out and make at the same time as the quilt top--

Then I have been working on this one--
this is one that Alice and I did together about 4 years ago now I think--
my blocks where black and white with that months color in them--
when the quilt top was done I had added this border--
when I got it out thinking I would get the backing and batting ready for it--
I instantly did not like the border fabric I had used back then--
so out came the seam ripper--
and today I added new ones--using my "pattern" that I had used in the blocks--
opposites of the black and white--
I do like the new border better now--
and I had planned and ordered this wide backing for it--
But 2 things happened here--
one I cut it wrong--
and second I really did not like it either--
the fabric is heavy--and you know for the most part I hand quilt--
so am worried about it being too hard to do that through this fabric--
so am on the hunt for a different background!!!

We have been getting alot of rain--
which we have needed here--
I hope now all the wild fires are out--
But now that also means that we will be back to letting everyone--
do fireworks for the 4th of July--
has any seen my 'ear plugs'????



  1. I am trying to figure out where those blocks are hiding. I thought I had unearthed all of my UFOs, but I don't think those are on my list. HMMMMM! OH Well, I suppose I have enough stuff to work on anyway! L,A-

  2. Is the rain keeping you away from lunch by the river?

  3. Interesting how we come back to things with a completely diffeent idea isn't it?! Your two borders are quite different to each other! It sounds like you really needed the rain - maybe it will rain for the fireworks too....!

  4. Good to keep occupied...keeps you off the street, huh.

  5. I like the new border, you can't go wrong with butterflies. Hope you find a replacement backing soon.


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