Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The color of pure sunshine is Yellow--
and this month we get to play with that color--
Got my cat block done--
and then I got the yellow log cabin block made to go with it--
so half my 'yellow' projects are done for this month--
and I think I found the photo of the bird I want to do for this month--
and even the yellow I want to use to make him--
time will tell?????

and here is where I am so far on last months wool block--
almost have the lamb part done--then there is the wagon and all that is going on in it to stitch yet!!!

I have also been learning how to play Mexican Dominoes this week--
so that has been fun--



  1. Yummy Yellow cat and block...
    Your wool project is growing nicely too.
    Mexican Dominoe's is new to me.. You do have fun learning new games with your friends...

  2. I love the wooly lamb. And yellow is a cheerful color to work on! I guess you're getting some of these pop up showers too. Things are looking so much greener now! Hugs!

  3. Good job keeping up with the yellow. I cut out my crayon pieces last night, but they didn't get sewed. Staying in Horseheads tonite. Had lunch in WG, then went hunting for waterfalls and wildflowers. Sure wish you were here!!

  4. We play Mexican Train with dominoes. I wonder if that is what the game is that you are learning.

  5. Well done on the blocks! I finally finished one yellow one earlier. Your little lamb is super cute!!

  6. Very cute yellow kitty. I love your meme for this week! Very funny.


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