Monday, July 31, 2017


I did it--
got the last of the blue projects done today-
just by the end of the wire --as we get a new color tomorrow!!!
Here is the bird block in progress--
I know alot of you thought that my monthly birds are paper pieced--
they are not--
I start with a picture--
of some sorts and then draw lines on it to make it square and then start cutting and sewing--
and yes--lots of false moves and lots of redo's--but how is a gal gonna learn without making a few mistakes here and there like this one--
this is the middle piece and when I actually sewed it together--the back of the bird did not come down the tail feathers right--so lots of unpicking and re figuring--but look what I got in the end--
a lovely blue jay--with a giggle or two with the the sewing fabrics for his tummy!!!
and here is the strip block to go with it--
so now July's color is done--
and here is
all the birds with their strip blocks so far--
I have 8 birds so far--I got carried away in Jan with the teal color and make 2 birds in that color group--soooo--

And I got the wool block for this month done--
Now this is not totally finished--I am going shopping for a couple buttons to add to this one--
I want a spider button to hang off the cats tail and a couple candy corn buttons--pretty sure I have seen them somewheres!!!

And here is what I got done on the Christmas project on my Sunday sewing--
the camper is pretty much done--just needs the candles in the windows stitched and the wreath on the door--but still lots of embroidery to do--

So what is on the schedule for tomorrow????
you will have to wait and see!!!!
Got lots of time on my hands for the next couple weeks cause--
this is Frannie's daughter taking her to the airport--
and she is now in Canada visiting her son for the next 2 weeks!!!


Thursday, July 27, 2017


Well--I finally had a day to sew--
and let me tell you--
it was hard---
it was almost like trying to relearn how to ride a bike!!!!
But I just kept at it--
and finally-
a reindeer with a red nose was 'born'--
he had a difficult birth though--
his antlers kept getting twisted--
and kept growing in the wrong direction!!!!!

I think he looks nice with the last block we did --
and I think we are nearly done with the blocks--
2 more to go--3 for me as I have not done the partridge block yet--
haven't decide if I want to do that one??????

              Enjoy the moments-di

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


you would think so at my house--
cause when the mail came today--
I got a package--
and in it was Christmas fabric--
Pretty Christmas cardinals--
Cute snowmen with cute cute critters looking at him--
pretty pine tree fabric with red glitter ornaments on it--
this one I will probably use for a border on something--

and the one that created this purchase--
I mean how adorable is this  panel--
and you don't often see a donkey on anything--
and bunnies, deer, squirrels, birds, a dog and a cat--
what more could one ask for???
Now what to do with it??????

And I did work on the Christmas embroidery one on Sunday--
It is hard to see all the stitching I did get done on this--
and I also ordered some different variegated greens from Crapapple hill for these Christmas trees--
wasn't sure I liked the ones I had--so we will see when the new ones come in  in a couple days!!

and here is where I am on this months wool block--
this is a cute block--

Been a busy 'run around' this week so far--
DD and I went to check on some things on Monday out of town--
and for lunch--
Tuesday and today was running around with Frannie--
Frannie leaves on Saturday for a 2 week trip to Canada to see her son and grandsons--
so it will be really lonely around here then --so should have lots of time to quilt--

Went down to the dock today--
but it was sooooo hot even down there--
I had to come home--was soaking wet by the time I got back into the building!!!
but was is the sunrise today--
                      Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, July 20, 2017


This week--
unfortunately  has been another hard emotional week--
living in a Senior apt complex--
I have sorta keep my nose in  books so I don't keep 'thinking' --
about all the hurt--
But I did get the next wool block prepped--
can't believe that we are doing 'fall' blocks now!!
but I did find a neat piece of background for this fall row--
it has dashes on it --but reminds me of falling leaves!!!!

and I did get the blue log cabin block done--
to go with the cat block--

I hope to get more motivated tomorrow and get some actual sewing done--
time will tell--
Oh and I did do some hand quilting this week on a quilt--

well--sounds like another big thunderstorm is coming so best go for now--


Monday, July 17, 2017


I did work on my project--
there is alot of coloring on this--
Here is what I did--I turned one of my large cutting mats to the back--
then I got a large piece of freezer paper and taped it down and
then taped down the white fabric--that way I had a nice stable surface for coloring--
did all the white crayon first then worked on the colors--
there is alot of Christmas trees--
and I got so busy shading them with a couple green crayons--
that --
I forgot there was also to be some branches that were white for snow--
I had gotten this product that they mentioned in the directions--
and boy it did a great job of removing the crayon color--
though you did have to dab-dab--then get another small piece--
and dab-dab--cause once the piece of funtak got some color on it--
it wouldn't pick up more color--so I did use a bit of it--

Later I did start the embroidery on it--
got the candy cane done--
there is lots and lots and lots of embroidery on this piece!!!!!


Sunday, July 16, 2017


yep--July 16th--
Do you like ice cream???
I do--
I don't care for much in 'sweets' but love an ice cream,
(and my dark chocolate bars!!)
There is so many different kinds and ways to have a nice--
creamy treat--
let's go get us some!!!
to the nearest store and get some!!!!


Saturday, July 15, 2017


Yep--I am Happy Dancing--
I really really did get  the Bed quilt all finished--
See the top is all sewn together--
and quilted--
binding is all sewn on it--
the binding fabric is a piece that Anne in NY sent me for my Birthday--
and it was perfect--I have navy curtains in this room--
It was a 'monster' to do on my little machine and we went from Plan A--
to probably Plan J before it was all said and done--
the only thing I am unhappy about it is--
it is heavy--I had hoped it would be light weight--
as I have to take it off the bed each night and fold it up--
guess I will develop good arm muscles!!!!!
Spent a bit of time this afternoon cleaning up the sewing area,
and putting thread away and winding bobbins of the main color I use for all my blocks--
so I am ready to get back into the block of the months--
and they all came in today--
First there is the wool block-

and then the Patchwork one--
I do one 10" block and 4-5" ones--

for the Christmas quilt--this month is the reindeer block--
and I still need to do the blue bird for this month and a couple blue blocks--
so I have work to do--
wonder if it will keep me out of trouble around here--
probably not--
this week was a rough one--living with so many seniors is a really hard job--
no matter what one does--someone doesn't like it and causes trouble--
and cause I like to help people--
I am in trouble all the time!!!


Thursday, July 13, 2017


of the bed quilt is done--
yep--all 5 sections of the quilt have now been machine quilted--
this is the last one and is 3 rows of blocks--
the other 4 had only 2 rows of blocks--
and let me tell you--
I have went through the white thread!!!!!
I started with a plan on how I thought I could get this to come out--
but now that plan is not going to work--
so have went to the next plan on the list???
and am going to do a binding around it--
first I have to sew all the sections together--
and that might turn out to be a funserious job--
time will tell?????

And I got a baby sweater set done for a girl friend--
for her first grandson--
I found the cutest car buttons--just wished one had been red--
but oh well--yellow, blue and green are good  colors too---

yes--my cats always did this--
it was sooo cute!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I did get this months cat applique done--
this month is the color-blue--
this blue fabric is fairly new in my stash and I really wanted to use it--
so think it worked out nice in the cat--
and this blue cat goes on the same row as the yellow cat--
7 kittens are now done--
I have not done the log cabin block that goes with this cat yet--
as I am still working on "that' quilt--
I am machine quilting this top in sections--
there is 5 total--
and I finished the 4th one today--just as the phone rang--
and a friend wanted to go to the thrift store and the Library--
so--off I went--
this is the only thing I got at the thrift store--
a cute little black box with the 3 drawers!!
this is a heavy little box too--
now to decide what to store in it and how to display it?????????

              Enjoy the moments, di

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Declared that Sundays are  for working on--

Christmas projects---

And my first project will be using these--
and 'NO' I am not talking about coloring in my Christmas color books!!!

 I picked this project to start with--
I want to learn how to do the coloring they do on these projects--
so I spent today prepping this one--

Of course the first thing I learned was--

I had to wash the fabric--
so I did set about doing that
 and did that in the sink and hung it to dry--
then I had to press it good and trace it--
and I just got that part done--
I also picked out floss--
I have pretty much the whole line of Cosmos embroidery thread--
and they use alot of variegated ones-
but you know me--
I picked out others I think I will like for mine--
we will see--
there is alot of stitching on this--
if I work on steady--
I might--just might get it done in time for Christmas!!!!!


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