Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I did get this months cat applique done--
this month is the color-blue--
this blue fabric is fairly new in my stash and I really wanted to use it--
so think it worked out nice in the cat--
and this blue cat goes on the same row as the yellow cat--
7 kittens are now done--
I have not done the log cabin block that goes with this cat yet--
as I am still working on "that' quilt--
I am machine quilting this top in sections--
there is 5 total--
and I finished the 4th one today--just as the phone rang--
and a friend wanted to go to the thrift store and the Library--
so--off I went--
this is the only thing I got at the thrift store--
a cute little black box with the 3 drawers!!
this is a heavy little box too--
now to decide what to store in it and how to display it?????????

              Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Love the blue kitty!! And the yellow and all the other colors!!
    Great box. You always find such fun things!!

  2. The "cats" look so real... love 'em...xox

  3. What a great treasure you found! You do a great job with decorating, so I'm sure you'll have it displayed to perfection very soon. Love your kitties! I haven't started blue yet. Hopefully tomorrow. And you're almost finished with your quilting! Yay you!

  4. A blue cat! Does that mean she is sad?

  5. Sweet kitty! I think I love your new cabinet!

  6. Your cats are so sweet and I love that beautiful quilt. The box will be fun to use for craft supplies...maybe! Can't wait to see where you put it! Hugs!

  7. The blue cat is adorable! But then so is the yellow one. :-)

  8. Awww the kitties are so cute!!! And so it that little box... it's going to come in very useful I am sure! xx

  9. Great thrift find. I love thrift shopping because you never know what you might find.

  10. Very fun kitty, it's going to be a very cute quilt. Nice thrift find too. Happy stitching this weekend.


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