Monday, July 17, 2017


I did work on my project--
there is alot of coloring on this--
Here is what I did--I turned one of my large cutting mats to the back--
then I got a large piece of freezer paper and taped it down and
then taped down the white fabric--that way I had a nice stable surface for coloring--
did all the white crayon first then worked on the colors--
there is alot of Christmas trees--
and I got so busy shading them with a couple green crayons--
that --
I forgot there was also to be some branches that were white for snow--
I had gotten this product that they mentioned in the directions--
and boy it did a great job of removing the crayon color--
though you did have to dab-dab--then get another small piece--
and dab-dab--cause once the piece of funtak got some color on it--
it wouldn't pick up more color--so I did use a bit of it--

Later I did start the embroidery on it--
got the candy cane done--
there is lots and lots and lots of embroidery on this piece!!!!!



  1. Love the dye it!! Good job on the coloring. I've only tried it once, and didn't know about the product to remove oopsies! I'm on a quilting blitz now . . . .

  2. Interesting product. Never heard of it. Have you ever done coloring on fabric with something underneath that gives a textured look to the color on the block? I tried that with interesting results.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time :-) Your 'art work' is looking great!

  4. That looks like fun! It's going to be really cute! Wish my doctor told me to eat more greens. Mine just says to stop eating cookies!!

  5. Love your winter scene... wish I was there in the middle of it, it's just way too hot here! xx

  6. Very pretty winter scene. Looks like you made lots of progress.

  7. I hadn't heard about using fun-tak to remove oops either. I've either gone with the mistake or tried to lighten it by coloring over the oops with white. Reminds me of silly puddy from when I was a kid.


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