Monday, July 31, 2017


I did it--
got the last of the blue projects done today-
just by the end of the wire --as we get a new color tomorrow!!!
Here is the bird block in progress--
I know alot of you thought that my monthly birds are paper pieced--
they are not--
I start with a picture--
of some sorts and then draw lines on it to make it square and then start cutting and sewing--
and yes--lots of false moves and lots of redo's--but how is a gal gonna learn without making a few mistakes here and there like this one--
this is the middle piece and when I actually sewed it together--the back of the bird did not come down the tail feathers right--so lots of unpicking and re figuring--but look what I got in the end--
a lovely blue jay--with a giggle or two with the the sewing fabrics for his tummy!!!
and here is the strip block to go with it--
so now July's color is done--
and here is
all the birds with their strip blocks so far--
I have 8 birds so far--I got carried away in Jan with the teal color and make 2 birds in that color group--soooo--

And I got the wool block for this month done--
Now this is not totally finished--I am going shopping for a couple buttons to add to this one--
I want a spider button to hang off the cats tail and a couple candy corn buttons--pretty sure I have seen them somewheres!!!

And here is what I got done on the Christmas project on my Sunday sewing--
the camper is pretty much done--just needs the candles in the windows stitched and the wreath on the door--but still lots of embroidery to do--

So what is on the schedule for tomorrow????
you will have to wait and see!!!!
Got lots of time on my hands for the next couple weeks cause--
this is Frannie's daughter taking her to the airport--
and she is now in Canada visiting her son for the next 2 weeks!!!



  1. OK, I want both of those two kittens also!! Your rainbow blocks are great! And I love your kitty block. A spider will be perfect. Can't wait to see the finished Christmas tree lot.

  2. Love your blue jay! Congrats on all the other progress too. Happy stitching this week.

  3. Your Blue Jay has worked out beautifully and all your blocks look fabulous together..
    Great Halloween woolly blocks and a cute camper block too!

  4. Your blue jay looks wonderful! I'm behind with my blue blocks. But I've been working so much, I just haven't had time to sew. Maybe I'll catch up in August.

  5. I love all your birds. You are really rocking that scrap color challenge.

  6. I really like your birds and string blocks together. The matching colors bring them all together nicely. I think your new blue bird is my favorite. I really like the background fabric you chose.


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