Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Got made today--
first up was the 10" one to go with the Patchwork bom--
and I was happy stitching this one--
cause I used my blue bunny fabric--
and then I had to make the 4--5" ones --
And yes--I have no idea what I am doing????
Don't know if all the 10" ones will go into one quilt --
and the little ones in a second quilt-(the bom is only for the little ones--
I increase that block to make the 10" size!!)--
we will just have to wait and see---

So this makes 3 days in a row I have made blocks--hummm????

I am thinking I want to knit something besides --
just baby sweaters and socks--
wonder if this would be a good project ????

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Of the Christmas blocks for this bom--
and it is finished--
but I did have to use that darn seam ripper a couple few times!!!
What can I say it was just one of those days--
the body was willing--
but the brain must of stayed in bed!!!
Now to decide how to finish the quilt--
I think it is kinda neat how this block came out!!

Remember these prints that I got to make a tote bag out of for my friend --Anne--
well--I did make her one-
and from these--but I was so excited to get it finished,
I wrapped it right up and along with the rest of her gifts to see if everything would fit
in the box I had for shipping-and guess what---???
forgot to take a photo of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used a small red, black and white cat print I had for the bottom and the handles and I made
the tote reversible--
and now it the package is on  it's way to her house in NY!!!

And NO I did not go out and see the eclipse--I need my eyes for sewing at my age--
I feel one can't be too careful ( and I did not have the special glasses!!)
but I have seen some awesome photos on line-soooo!


Sunday, August 20, 2017


I 'mean' it can't have been this long since my last post--
and the sad part is--
I don't have alot to show for all that time--

Just today though--
a little bit ago at that--
I went from where these socks where --
From yesterdays knitting--
they are now ready to mail out-
to Anne--
they look funny--but it is just the way the camera shot the photo!!!!
there is alot of knitting hours in these let me tell you--
and my left shoulder is letting me know about it!!!!!!!!!!

I also recently got another baby sweater finished--

and yesterday I did take my fabric closet apart and straightened things out--
was looking for cat fabrics--which I did find--only I don't have as many as I thought--
so one must keep that in mind when ordering other fabric---right????

I also did make a pile of possibilities on the table--
for the last Christmas block--hopefully this will get stitched in the next couple days--
but first--
I am still 'thinking' about how I want to make the 'cat' tote bag for Anne's birthday--
hope to be able to get that package in the mail on Tuesday--then it will be back to my regularly scheduled crazy days!!!

Have been going down to the dock nearly everyday and doing some extra walking so have some neat nature photos I will be posting over on my other site--so stop by there!!!

             ENJOY THE MOMENTS, DI  

Monday, August 14, 2017


I spent alot of time today--
with this little guy in my hands--

My favorite 'best friend' sent to me by a best friend Alice along time ago--
we have 'removed' many stitches together--
and today it was in my hands working hard for 3 hours-yep--3 hours!!!

Remember we left off on Friday I think with this project--
we had 3 rows done--
and on Saturday--
I actually got the last 2 rows done and it all stitched together and--
I also got the next small outer border ready--
 then I would get the 'willy's' every time I walked by it--
it just was not a happy camper and it kept shouting at me--
"My lattice blocks are too dark and distracting--so you don't even notice all the work in the actual blocks"--Do something about it--now!!!!!

So by this morning I knew I had to do something about it--
so I could stop the "shouting" going on around here--
and I sat down with the
and the quilt --
and now this is what I have---
strips of the lattice--
and a pile of --
and No idea where this project will go next????????????
I spent alot of money on that pile of fabric for the squares--
but they just don't seem to go--
been online looking at other fabric--still nothing is shouting at me that they are the right ones!!

So what did you do with your day--????


Friday, August 11, 2017


Here in my area of Florida--
 we got up to grey skies--
and they have pretty much been that way all day--
during the night we had some rain--
and we had T-storms and more rain this afternoon--
we just don't have very many 'grey' days all day!!!
I can sew whether it is sunny or grey!!!!

I did look at this block this morning--
and decided it too had something missing--
off I went looking for them--
and as right now--my apt is full of them --
I found a couple right off--
(dust bunnies)
so two of them hopped right up there in the patch of flowers!!!!

and we got another row stitched together today--
so we are 'buzzing' right along here--
just 2 more rows to go,with, some of the stitching  done on the next row!!!

Another package came in the mail today--
an all blue charm pack for Anne--
Blue is her favorite color!!
Would love one of these myself!!!!!!
some blue Grunge fabric--
another blue snowflake fabric--
a couple yards of white fabric--
now I will be 'bored' the rest of the month--
no packages to look forward getting in the mail--!!!!

and  bit of a mystery--
see this package--???
I think I have a 'mouse' or a really hungry fairy lives here--
I swear I just open the package and it is gone--
and I know that I only eat '2' of them a day-(really)
but everytime I go to the cupboard --the package is empty!!!!!!??????

Hey--I just realized it is-
and make some memories--


Thursday, August 10, 2017


First thing today (after doing my walk on the trail and going down to the dock to knit--and laugh at the squirrels)
I decided to finish cutting the strips that go around each Bee block--
Now--to back track a bit--
Plan A--was not doing this step--
but then decided to go for it-
Plan B was using the cream with the little black designs--
so I preceded  to cut-
and horror's--
am short of fabric for 2 blocks--and it is an old print--
Plan C--out came one of the prints that I auditioned yesterday--
the cream one with tiny green dots--
Now I also could of taken out 4 blocks and not done all 5 rows--
but just had a  hard time picking out 4 to leave out--
so now the plan is to alternate the green dot border rows--
so 2 rows will be green dot and the other 3 will be the cream and black!!

But look what I also discovered when I was laying them out to pick out the 4--
Can you spot the problem????
Look at the wood signs!!
See I missed doing some embroidery on the second sign--
the good news is---
it is finished now and all ready to go into the next row on the quilt!!!

I also got a order in the mail today--
I ordered some fabric for my friend Anne--in NY--
She will love this one--am planning on making her a tote bag with these two--
and these 2 will be gifts for her to do something with--
She makes alot of dog and cat quilts--I think she will like this one--
and she loves loves birds too--
I have wanted this panel for  ever--
and I know she will really love this one-
the good news is--the panel is long and has double photos on it--
so guess who will finally gets some tooooo!!!!

and I needed a new background fabric for a project --
so got this one for me--
but do have a couple other's of this type coming in on another order--
so we will see--


I love the look on this cat's face!!!
Hey, Dad what are you doing under there????

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


with running the sewing machine--
and with needle and thread and hand work--
this morning I prepped these projects--
the neutral cat block--that goes on the same block as the red cat--
and this one--
Can you tell what it will be???
I am using a dark purple, greys and black --so far--??????
and this one is pretty much all applique--fun!!!!
here is a hint--
now do you have an idea???

and I worked on this project--
Sewing my Bee blocks from last year's bom--
into rows--
I did not realize that each block has a narrow border on them before the little strips of blocks that go between them--
went through alot of fabric "auditions", but ended up coming back to the first one I tried!!!

And then later this afternoon I even got
Miss Kitty all appliqued--
and then she even got her log cabin block stitched--
and while I was stitching the log cabin block,
I also got some more of blocks sewn together for the Bee quilt--

So what did you stitch today????


Tuesday, August 8, 2017


sewing machine today--
and got it up to speed--
and got another Christmas block done--
Meet Morris--the moose--
I am not sure why he has mistletoe between his horns--
but he does!!!  Maybe there is a lady moose close by!!!!

And remember this little pail--???
and do you remember why I got it???
for knitting projects--
as you can see there is a new project in it--
Yep a pair of socks--
and --
yes--I knit both socks at the same time--
I knit so far on one and then knit on the second one to that point--
so you see when I get done--
I have a pair of socks finished--not just one sock--
Guess who has a birthday at the end of the month???
Anne in NY--so I got to keep knitting away!!!


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