Monday, August 14, 2017


I spent alot of time today--
with this little guy in my hands--

My favorite 'best friend' sent to me by a best friend Alice along time ago--
we have 'removed' many stitches together--
and today it was in my hands working hard for 3 hours-yep--3 hours!!!

Remember we left off on Friday I think with this project--
we had 3 rows done--
and on Saturday--
I actually got the last 2 rows done and it all stitched together and--
I also got the next small outer border ready--
 then I would get the 'willy's' every time I walked by it--
it just was not a happy camper and it kept shouting at me--
"My lattice blocks are too dark and distracting--so you don't even notice all the work in the actual blocks"--Do something about it--now!!!!!

So by this morning I knew I had to do something about it--
so I could stop the "shouting" going on around here--
and I sat down with the
and the quilt --
and now this is what I have---
strips of the lattice--
and a pile of --
and No idea where this project will go next????????????
I spent alot of money on that pile of fabric for the squares--
but they just don't seem to go--
been online looking at other fabric--still nothing is shouting at me that they are the right ones!!

So what did you do with your day--????


Friday, August 11, 2017


Here in my area of Florida--
 we got up to grey skies--
and they have pretty much been that way all day--
during the night we had some rain--
and we had T-storms and more rain this afternoon--
we just don't have very many 'grey' days all day!!!
I can sew whether it is sunny or grey!!!!

I did look at this block this morning--
and decided it too had something missing--
off I went looking for them--
and as right now--my apt is full of them --
I found a couple right off--
(dust bunnies)
so two of them hopped right up there in the patch of flowers!!!!

and we got another row stitched together today--
so we are 'buzzing' right along here--
just 2 more rows to go,with, some of the stitching  done on the next row!!!

Another package came in the mail today--
an all blue charm pack for Anne--
Blue is her favorite color!!
Would love one of these myself!!!!!!
some blue Grunge fabric--
another blue snowflake fabric--
a couple yards of white fabric--
now I will be 'bored' the rest of the month--
no packages to look forward getting in the mail--!!!!

and  bit of a mystery--
see this package--???
I think I have a 'mouse' or a really hungry fairy lives here--
I swear I just open the package and it is gone--
and I know that I only eat '2' of them a day-(really)
but everytime I go to the cupboard --the package is empty!!!!!!??????

Hey--I just realized it is-
and make some memories--


Thursday, August 10, 2017


First thing today (after doing my walk on the trail and going down to the dock to knit--and laugh at the squirrels)
I decided to finish cutting the strips that go around each Bee block--
Now--to back track a bit--
Plan A--was not doing this step--
but then decided to go for it-
Plan B was using the cream with the little black designs--
so I preceded  to cut-
and horror's--
am short of fabric for 2 blocks--and it is an old print--
Plan C--out came one of the prints that I auditioned yesterday--
the cream one with tiny green dots--
Now I also could of taken out 4 blocks and not done all 5 rows--
but just had a  hard time picking out 4 to leave out--
so now the plan is to alternate the green dot border rows--
so 2 rows will be green dot and the other 3 will be the cream and black!!

But look what I also discovered when I was laying them out to pick out the 4--
Can you spot the problem????
Look at the wood signs!!
See I missed doing some embroidery on the second sign--
the good news is---
it is finished now and all ready to go into the next row on the quilt!!!

I also got a order in the mail today--
I ordered some fabric for my friend Anne--in NY--
She will love this one--am planning on making her a tote bag with these two--
and these 2 will be gifts for her to do something with--
She makes alot of dog and cat quilts--I think she will like this one--
and she loves loves birds too--
I have wanted this panel for  ever--
and I know she will really love this one-
the good news is--the panel is long and has double photos on it--
so guess who will finally gets some tooooo!!!!

and I needed a new background fabric for a project --
so got this one for me--
but do have a couple other's of this type coming in on another order--
so we will see--


I love the look on this cat's face!!!
Hey, Dad what are you doing under there????

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


with running the sewing machine--
and with needle and thread and hand work--
this morning I prepped these projects--
the neutral cat block--that goes on the same block as the red cat--
and this one--
Can you tell what it will be???
I am using a dark purple, greys and black --so far--??????
and this one is pretty much all applique--fun!!!!
here is a hint--
now do you have an idea???

and I worked on this project--
Sewing my Bee blocks from last year's bom--
into rows--
I did not realize that each block has a narrow border on them before the little strips of blocks that go between them--
went through alot of fabric "auditions", but ended up coming back to the first one I tried!!!

And then later this afternoon I even got
Miss Kitty all appliqued--
and then she even got her log cabin block stitched--
and while I was stitching the log cabin block,
I also got some more of blocks sewn together for the Bee quilt--

So what did you stitch today????


Tuesday, August 8, 2017


sewing machine today--
and got it up to speed--
and got another Christmas block done--
Meet Morris--the moose--
I am not sure why he has mistletoe between his horns--
but he does!!!  Maybe there is a lady moose close by!!!!

And remember this little pail--???
and do you remember why I got it???
for knitting projects--
as you can see there is a new project in it--
Yep a pair of socks--
and --
yes--I knit both socks at the same time--
I knit so far on one and then knit on the second one to that point--
so you see when I get done--
I have a pair of socks finished--not just one sock--
Guess who has a birthday at the end of the month???
Anne in NY--so I got to keep knitting away!!!


Friday, August 4, 2017


That is sewing and shopping--
Yesterday DD came and we went and did some shopping--
she had to go to Best Buy--
one of her favorite shops--
and then she took me to my favorite place--
a fabric store--
These are for a new fall door hanging I want to make--
but think now that that purple is too dark--
it will be the background--
but I love that shade and I got me whole yard
(Alice it is allll mine--so don't even think about it!!!)
and look at the price of this one--
yep--that is $13.25 a yard--and no I did not get a yard--just a quarter yard!!
but I really liked it!!!!
2 browns--need a brown for a moose head--and I liked both of these--

and this is the project that I am working on now--
So do you know which one this one is??????
there is 20 blocks to this top--I did the blocks last year!!!

That's it for today--
It's the week end right??????

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


in a minute--
but first--
I got the 10" patchwork block made this morning--
when I first opened up this print of fabric--
I got excited--
cause I found these--
already done--a mistake from the last block in this print--
I then discovered they were too small--sooo--
I remake more--

and then I got the set of 4--5" ones make--
so now all my bom's are done up to date--
well--except for the Christmas moose and he has to wait for a shopping trip--
need to find him some brown fabric first---

and now what you need to make a Note of---
I have actually seen the Easter Bunny--
there really is an Easter Bunny--
found him on the path out back, on my walk tonight--
he promised to bring me some more dark chocolate bunnies next Easter, tooooo!!!!


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