Friday, August 4, 2017


That is sewing and shopping--
Yesterday DD came and we went and did some shopping--
she had to go to Best Buy--
one of her favorite shops--
and then she took me to my favorite place--
a fabric store--
These are for a new fall door hanging I want to make--
but think now that that purple is too dark--
it will be the background--
but I love that shade and I got me whole yard
(Alice it is allll mine--so don't even think about it!!!)
and look at the price of this one--
yep--that is $13.25 a yard--and no I did not get a yard--just a quarter yard!!
but I really liked it!!!!
2 browns--need a brown for a moose head--and I liked both of these--

and this is the project that I am working on now--
So do you know which one this one is??????
there is 20 blocks to this top--I did the blocks last year!!!

That's it for today--
It's the week end right??????


  1. Happy weekend!! I bought some fabric recently, and didn't look at the price until after it was cut and she told me the total. $14.95/yd. Pick me up off the floor. I always check the price now.

  2. I really like that deep purple. Fabric really has gotten expensive, so I buy on sale as much as possible, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Happy stitching this weekend.

  3. I love S and S days!!! You did well : And I felt like that kitty this morning.... xx

  4. That kitty was me this morning. Nobody in the house was quiet this morning except for Squeaks. She is such a good girl! Love shopping and sewing and your blocks are going to be soooo cute!!!


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