Wednesday, August 9, 2017


with running the sewing machine--
and with needle and thread and hand work--
this morning I prepped these projects--
the neutral cat block--that goes on the same block as the red cat--
and this one--
Can you tell what it will be???
I am using a dark purple, greys and black --so far--??????
and this one is pretty much all applique--fun!!!!
here is a hint--
now do you have an idea???

and I worked on this project--
Sewing my Bee blocks from last year's bom--
into rows--
I did not realize that each block has a narrow border on them before the little strips of blocks that go between them--
went through alot of fabric "auditions", but ended up coming back to the first one I tried!!!

And then later this afternoon I even got
Miss Kitty all appliqued--
and then she even got her log cabin block stitched--
and while I was stitching the log cabin block,
I also got some more of blocks sewn together for the Bee quilt--

So what did you stitch today????



  1. Very fun kitty cat blocks. You were a busy bee on that BOM (sorry couldn't resist!).

  2. It's all lovely. Those cats are cute! Great layout for your BOM. The ghost says...Halloween! That will be fun.

  3. You have been very busy today. I didn't get any stitching done. Too much work and not enough play! Looks like some Halloween fun is starting at your place.
    Have fun!

  4. Just looked at your last three posts and you've been very busy sewing ..
    Love your cat blocks ...

  5. The kitties are looking good! Love the way your Bee blocks are coming together xx

  6. I go out before the sun is over the trees, and still come back soaking


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