Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I want to know whose idea it was for me to move to Florida????
Someone forgot to remind me of all the hurricanes down here????
was it you?????
The biggest problem this time with Irma is this--
It is unbelievably HOT- here right now--
the worse I have ever seen it --
Now remember I lived here for 6 full years back in 1989-1995--
and we did not have a single hurricane during that time--
and I really really don't remember it being this humid--
by the time you get in the car--even with ac on in it--
and then into a store and then back into the car and then into the building--
you are soaking wet with sweat--literally!!!!!
and now we have Hurricane Irma on her way--
and they say because it is sooo hot she will be a bad one--
But where is she going???????

DD and I ran from Matthew last year--11 months ago-- cause everyone said it was going to be soo bad and yes it did do some damage--but not really alot right here--and it cost money to leave for 3-4 days--motels aren't cheap--nor is gas or food--
this year DD wants to stay here and ride it out at her place--
it wouldn't bother me so much--except --I am sure she will lose power again (she did for 3 days last year) and you really really can't breathe down here with out ac right now--or at least with a fan or two!!!!
so --now what????
The adventure awaits folks---
if you don't hear from me for a couple days or so--
it just means we are not where there is internet or power!!
oh--and we have searched for 2 days for drinking water--can't find any!!!!
oh why did I move to Florida?????

Love, di


  1. We moved here because of all the wonderful sunshine and nice winters? But I know what you mean...I'm here to tell you that you are in my prayers. We will stay if we can...we'll have to wait and see what happens. Stay safe my sweet friend. Lots of hugs....and prayers, Diane

  2. You moved to Florida to be close to your children .you do have lots of lovely outings, dinners and fun times with them..
    Thinking of you Di and stay safe. 🤗😘🤗😘🤗😘

  3. So where does DD live? I know you're right on the river, at least on the second floor. Or is it the third? Get your important papers, and any meds ready. Hopefully, Irma will change her mind and head out to sea!!

  4. Stay safe! And here I am wanting to move to Florida! lol

  5. I hear you. We've talked about leaving since the 2005 spate of storms. Still here. (could I kayak in Wyoming?)

  6. Oh dear... stay safe dear Di! And keep us posted xx


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