Monday, September 18, 2017


We did alot on the trip up and while in NY--
and then there is the news on what happened here in FL--
Probably should start here--
as everyone is curious about what 'changed' here at home-
at DD's place and here at the senior apts--
I did not get  out to get  any photos today though--
will tomorrow--hopefully--
We are not allowed down on the dock right now--
which is the saddest for me--I want to go down there and chill out from everything and be able to feed my 'friends'--
but 2-3 trees are leaning on the railing going down to the dock and an electrical cord might be involved-- though I think it is an old one they did not cut down and get rid of when they put those big new poles and new wiring in!!!  I do know that the trees that are leaning on the railings are the ones the squirrels loved to climb down to get to the railings--sad--

lots of debris everywhere--we lost some more tree branches all over the property--and some trees are stripped bare of leaves--and the trees look sooo funny as what leaves are left are now brown--!!!
a light pole for our parking lot tipped over and needs to be fixed--and it was right where Frannie used to always park--(talking about Frannie--she is at her son's in Huston, TX this week)

the worse damage to some --several apartments on the river side (my side) the apartment windows leaked and water ran down the walls and wet the carpet--(thankfully mine is dry) so now alot of the tenants have large --very noisy machines running in their apts to dry the walls and carpets out--so they are very uncomfortable with the constant noise and the mild-dew smell--they say--and it is all 4 floors that are involved with that--

the electric was off here for about 9 hours too--but that isn't bad as many where out for 3 days and some places are still without! and there was a couple water main breaks so they had no water a couple times while that was fixed and a few days of 'boil water' notice--but everything there is ok now

DD's rented house did lose some shingles but her landlord already fixed them and cleaned up the yard, ect--no leaks--that was good --her poor neighbor hood looks different though--as does nearly everyplace down here--with sooo many trees and bushes missing now--

we did go get groceries this afternoon and the stores are still not fully stocked, but you can find things to eat and they did have water--we each got 4 gallons today as we don't know what Maria is going to do next week--ouch!!!  and we still have 3-4 weeks of the season to go--remember that Matthew did hit us until Oct 6th or later last year!!!

I hope to be back to more of a normal routine tomorrow and will have lots and lots of photos--
so stay tuned---
Thanks again for all your prayers and concerns--

            go out there and --enjoy every moment-di


  1. I'm glad you got back safe and sound and I know you are happy to be at home. Our stores still aren't fully stocked either and there are workers everywhere working on the trees that are uprooted. But it could have been a lot worse so I am thankful. So glad you are ok my friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. I'm so glad your apartment, and DD's didn't suffer any damage. It must be so hard to predict where the hurricane will actually hit - as good as the weather predictors are, Mother Nature always wins. Your birds and squirrels will be so glad to see you when you're able to get back down to the dock.

  3. Glad to hear you were only slightly affected by the hurricane. So sad for everyone there. I'll pray the rest of the storms die out at sea. :)

  4. Sounds like you got of very well compared to how it could have been....

  5. Your DD and you were lucky to be free from any damage..
    Do hope my name sake cyclone beavers and doesn't cause damage.

  6. So glad your apartment is dry and no major damage... xx

  7. Glad there is no major damage to either yours or DD's places. You will be up and sewing before you know it!!

  8. So happy you and DD did not suffer much damage!Yes we now wait and see on Maria. Jose is kicking up our surfs here now and wind with just a sprinkle here and there. Busy season this year! Hope things get more normal soon. Hugs.

  9. Pleased to see you and DD are ok and home again to minimal damage to your homes.

  10. Very glad to hear that the damages weren't any worse.

  11. I'm so glad your apartment didn't have any leaks. Those blowers are so noisy and I know you can't be around the mildew smell.

    Bad news...hurricane season lasts until November 30th. We usually don't see many late season hurricanes but there have been a few.


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