Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Guess where I went today????
To our Zoo--
and they tried to put me in a cage and keep me--
but I told them I was needed here in blogland--
so they let me go!!!!

Tuesdays during October this year--
it is just $5 for the day for FL residents--
( they extended it--usually it is during the month of Sept--
but everyone was a bit busy with Irma then!!)
so Frannie and I took off and went--
we were worried though cause there was an 80% chance of rain--
but we make it --before that happened--
there was 2 things I wanted to do today--that I had not done yet--
one was the train ride and the other was checking out the petting zoo--
look who I found in the Petting Zoo--
Do you like my hair do--???
Here is a closer look???
now wait--what about mine--
I have added some decorations to my hair do????
Wooooo--wait a minute--
I think you should forget those guys and take my photo!!!

Hey--there--what about a kiss????
I seen camels on the train ride--
did not know they had any--so was the first time I had seen them--
this one was really cute with his faces he make at us as we chugged by!!

Wonder what this bird is hiding???
Ohh--he it's just his spoon-bill!!!!

and I love the deep coral color of these birds!!!
Hey, Lady are you looking at us?????
and this one on the far right was funny--he wanted to get to the other side of that bird--
so he just 'ducked' under him and kept going--!!!!

Well--if you aren't busy next Tuesday came and join me at the Zoo--

               ENJOY THE MOMENTS, DI


  1. Sounds like a fun day out!! I always love visiting with the goats. We still need to go to the zoo around here. Never enough time to do everything.

  2. Love the llama photos! Looks like a fun day out.

  3. Wow - I thought I had responded to this post. Love all the animals. Spoonbills are so cool.

  4. I haven't been to the zoo in a good long while even though it is only blocks away from our home. It is a nice zoo adventure even though not a large one.


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