Monday, October 9, 2017


First is the finish--of course--
got this wool block done--
now to get the second one done by Friday--
before the Oct block comes out!!!!

and a package in the mail--
I had some credit at E-quilter that I had to use by Oct 5th--
so this is what jumped into the cart--
I got a yard and half of the swan fabric and the blue one with the butterflies on it--
was thinking of backing with them--
the grey one is just a really nice shade of grey for the  stash--
and --
these 2--were on sale and I got a yard of each--
not realizing that they are flannels--hummmm!!!
that's ok--they are still cute!!!

Now for the "sorry"
one commenter thought that in my post yesterday--
I did not sound grateful--
oh my--
that made me cry for sure--
I am soooo very grateful--I realize that lots and lots of folks lost homes and personal belongings in the recent hurricanes, here and in Texas and other places--
I am grateful to still have my apartment, running water--even it we couldn't use it for a few days--
but when trees are lost and beaches are gone that will never come back--and animals will now suffer--cause of the pollution in the river--I hurt and I am sad--!!!
and I just wanted to share the dock struggles with all of you as you know that is where alot of my photos come from and where I find my 'calm inner self"--
So on an even 'sadder' note for me and those other tenants,
 who spent lots of time on the dock--
they have CLOSED--the dock entirely now--put boards across the ramp entrance even--
I pray it will only be temporary--( especially for Russell who loved that dock and spent nearly all day down there or on the beach area--)
 but this may be permanent--we will see--



  1. I don't think anyone meant that they thought you weren't grateful my friend. It helps to share our experiences....both good and bad. Love your cute Oct block! Lots of hugs, Diane

  2. I really understand how you feel about the dock and surrounding area and I definately don't think you are ungrateful my friend..
    Nice wool block and some lovely fabrics you bought...

  3. So sorry they have closed the dock, let's hope it is for safety and they will fix it soon.
    No one who knows you could think you are ungrateful, Di, you are a very sweet, sharing lady. HUGs.

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  5. Your felt block is so pretty... and oh, the lovely fabrics you got!!! Di, we all know you are grateful and you are allowed to feel sad about the aftermath of the storm...(((hugs))) xx

  6. Your wool block is lovely Di. I didn't think you sounded ungrateful at all, just hurting with all the damage. Take care xx

  7. I LOVE that blue fabric! I know that you'e grateful for all the creatures that you spend time with every day, and for your talent with your camera. We're all entitled to vent now and then. I hope your dock is repaired and reopened very soon.

  8. You did not sound ungrateful. You sounded sad because the dock has meant so much to you since you moved down here. I haven't seen the comments but I'm guessing it's not a regular reader of yours and they don't know you. They're either mean or hurting. It might be time to block them.

    There is a lot of dock and seawall damage in my area too. I hope they don't give up on your little dock and try repairing it one more time. Water is so peaceful and your residents need a little place to sit and relax.

  9. I didn't think you sounded ungrateful, just sad. Hopefully the dock wont' be closed permanently, sounds like there are a few others who depend on it to bring joy and sanity into their lives.

    I really like that blue fabric. Hope you get in some relaxing stitching time in this weekend.


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