Monday, October 30, 2017


when I said that Sunday's would be my--
working on Christmas day of the week???
and I did start a Christmas embroidery project!!!
I have worked on it--
on a couple Sundays--
but with huricanne Irma and me running away from it--
and then so many other things to take care of when getting back--
and then working hard on the 2 Halloween items--
I was not always good about working on this--
I have done a bit here and there on it--
and spent alot of time on it yesterday while listening to the race--
All the snow on the trees are now stitched in--and you can see that I have gotten
alot of the trees done--just 4 more trees to go--
think the rest of this piece will go faster once all the trees are done!!!!

Oh and I just counted--
we have '8' more Sundays--
if you count Christmas eve day--
to get it finished --
to say it was done by Christmas!!!!

OH-- don't tell anyone--but I did 2 Christmas fabric orders yesterday--online--
one is a 'cute' print for the backing on the pink and green top!!!!



  1. Lovely Christmas project you are working on...u

  2. It's coming along nicely - will you be able to finish it in 8 Sundays? (Only 8? Yikes! I better get busy on my projects!)

  3. I think you will have your tree lot done just in time for people to come buy them all. It is looking awesome!!

  4. Ahem, I don't want you saying things like only 8 Sundays to go - it sounds far too close!! You've made good progress on your Christmas work even though you've had lots of interruptions - and it's looking lovely :-)

  5. Very cute stitchery! Looks you are almost done. I'm going to ignore you Sunday count, we can't be that far along already!

  6. Cute, cute, cute. When I do hand embroidery I tend to slow down and relax. I haven't found too much time lately to sit and enjoy some hand stitching and I miss it. I really like when embroidery designs are colored in. The colors brighten everything up and bring things to life.


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