Monday, October 2, 2017


I did get the finishing touch's done on the new
door hanging this morning
before my day went a bit 'crazy'--
so in all it's glory--
and in it's 'purple' madness--
a Halloween delight--
on the moon is 2 Bat buttons I found on Saturday--
and the tiny rick rack I got was for the spider legs-
(by the way--I have lots of colors of tiny rick rack--just no black???)
(and I have tons of buttons--just did not have any purple ones--how can that be???)
and the package I picked up on Sat at JoAnn's were the same color as the background--
and did not show up--what?????

And I did get my box of fall decorations down from the top shelf--
so hope the ghost fairies come tonight and do some cleaning and decorating for me!!!!
We got over 8 inches of rain yesterday--they called us last evening (the town officials) and asked us not to wash dishes, take showers, and be careful how many times we flushed the toilet-yekkks!!!!
Usually you get these kind of calls when we haven't had rain in a couple months--not because we have had tooo much rain!!!!  Silly people!!!


I send out prayers to those who are hurting--
from the Hurricanes, earthquakes and this recent shooting in LA--
and to add a Blessing to those who respond to these scenes offering their help, and services with love---


  1. We got less than an inch! When it pours! Love the door hanging. I got a few decorations out today too but they are all on a table waiting! lol Hugs!

  2. Oh I love your Halloween 👻 door hanger......
    Last week we had toilet troubles after lots of rain , don't know why either...😬

  3. Send us some rain! We had a very wet summer, but now we're dry as a bone. Is that Caspar the friendly ghost??

  4. Lovely door hanging :) it's a happy spooky Halloween ��

  5. I like the spider and the spider web.

  6. This is absolutely adorable! What a fun finish.

    Wow! That is a lot of rain. I hope things clear up for you soon.

  7. We don't really 'do' halloween here but I love your hanging Di! Great bit of shopping to finish it off.

  8. Very fun Halloween decoration. I love those bats in the moon.


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