Thursday, October 12, 2017


Oh my little Jelly roll--
you have been rolling along in my stash--
for lets see--
and let me count the days, no weeks, years--
I have seen you rolling around in that Christmas pile--
I really don't know--

but I bet it has been at least 5 years????
so why hasn't Di done anything with you???

It might be cause --
your green is rather a 'bright limey green' and --
you have "pink"  in those prints--
wait a minute, doesn't Di like pink--
like isn't that her favorite color??????

humm--oh I see--it is her favorite color 11 months out of the year--
just not December--she is a traditionalist during that month--
just red and green, hu???

Well--Di needed a quiet project to sew on this morning ---
so look at what she did???
she cut the strips in half and then sewed
 and sewed them into 3 strip-strips--
so now what is she going to make with this????
Good Question?????????????



  1. Hi Di... oh I'm a traditionalist too but more and more I'm liking pink at Christmas... and that lime green...ooooohhhh... I like that too. Have fun with this one.

  2. Still laughing at the shirt! Witt was shoving everything off of the sewing table today and then the coffee table. I am sure whatever you make with your strips will be awesome. I think I have some of that too.

  3. Love the shirt. How true! Can't wait to see what you're doing with your jelly roll.

  4. I love that jelly roll.... and I love pinks and blues for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing what you make! xx

  5. I have the same problem with teal in holiday fabrics. I like the way it looks, but it just doesn't speak to me in holiday fabrics. Looking forward to checking out what you've got started.

  6. I like those colors for Christmas. I'm looking forward to see what you're making with those cute prints. I always have a hard time using a jelly roll. I always want to hoard it for something special. lol


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