Thursday, October 26, 2017


I did get the top all stitched --
on this Christmas quilt--
I did a narrow strip of fabric between the inside piece of 9 patch blocks and the border strips--
to add a bit of character to the quilt top--
and so far --this quilt is not really 'growing' on me--
so not sure where I will go with now or if I will finish it???
all the fabric, pretty much, from the jelly roll did get used in making it--
like I said it was a small one!!

And remember me showing you this bird from the Zoo--
and telling you that it is a Scarlet Ibis--
I did learn a bit more about her the other day--
these Scarlet Ibis are a National Bird of Trinidad and Tobago!!!!



  1. That Scarlet Ibis is GORGEOUS! I've never seen one of them! WOW! And I love your Christmas quilt. If I even make a will probably be Christmas colors! Enjoy your evening! Isn't this cool air wonderful? Hugs!

  2. You have to finish the quilt. If you don't like it, you can always gift it or donate it to charity. Love the pink bird. Thanks for sharing your research.

  3. I agree with Sunny. Do finish it and donate...

  4. Finish it off with a lovely red bind like the strip in the quilt. It will be lovely....
    Wow what Beatiful bird..... Not seen one of those ever and probably not likely to either.....

  5. Di - lets see if this comment of mine makes it to your email box. That bird is so pretty! It should the national bird for a country. This Christmas quilt is so cute.

  6. I can't remember ever seeing a scarlet ibis that dark around here. We have lots of pure white guys poking around the yard looking for bugs and every once in awhile we'll see a really pretty pink one come through. They're beautiful.

    I love the colors of your Christmas quilt but it feels too busy for you. What about adding an appliqued white Christmas tree to the center?

  7. Maybe adding a tone on tone red border as a finsh, would tone down the business a bit. Love the colors in you Christmas quilt. It would make a fun table topper, perfect for sitting a table top Christmas tree on.

  8. I do love that Christmas quilt... wow that Ibis is sooo pretty! xx


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