Sunday, November 26, 2017


the finish list--
got one of the new Christmas quilts all finished--
This got finished thanks to my not feeling well this past week--
to many 'chemical' run in's--
like the 'bug' man coming to do his thing in the whole building--
and then a really 'smelly' laundry room--
(people you are using way too many scented things when doing your laundry!!)
when I get "over exposed"  I just don't feel good and get depressed--
so I just stay quiet and stitch--
I did not quilt on the border of this one--as I really like it and felt that stitching anything
 on it would take away from the design in the cloth!!

And remember this project??
that I started back in Aug or Sept--
to stitch on on Sundays--
well--I didn't make it every Sunday--
but look at it now--
all the stitching is done on it--
finished up late this afternoon--
the only thing I have to still do to it--
is find tiny beads for the lights and to sew them on the strings hanging over the tree lot--
I think I have a pretty blue--but need red, yellow, and green beads--

And I did get all the Fall decorations rounded up and boxed up--
enough 'orange' for awhile--time for Christmas colors now!!!

and I finished off the last of the turkey tonight in a sandwich--
so tomorrow I am ready to start the Christmas season--
what about you????

this looks good after so much turkey--
good idea kitty!!!


  1. Great finish and love your Candy Cane Christmas lot.

  2. Hi Di, hope you are feeling better now. Pretty finish and love the embroidery :)
    I am a fan of aromatherapy, too :)

  3. 'Tis the season for smelly things. I'm with you on too much fragrances in the laundry rooms. With my asthma I have to be very careful going in stores this time of year because of those darn cinnamon brooms. I'm sorry you had a bad reaction but your time was well spent. Your tree lot is adorable and it will be even more so once you add the "lights".

  4. Congrats on a very pretty finish! Hope you are feeling much better, it's amazing how badly you can feel after exposure too all those fragrances that they put in stuff these days. Enjoy your holiday decorating.


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