Tuesday, November 14, 2017


been working-
it is just I am slow these days--it seems--
will have some fabric photos tomorrow I hope--
but in the meantime--
here is a couple knitting finishes--
first up is my 2nd pair of socks--
see they match--
now though for the "funny" part--
I just read that the newest 'fad' is unmatched socks--
oh give me a break--
I finally think I am getting caught up on something--
and I always learn that the 'train' has already moved on!!!!
this pair came out much better than the first as far as the shape goes--
I went down a size or so in needles and also discovered that I had not done the correct stitch on the heel for the other pair--oppps!!!

and another tiny baby sweater--
I do have another tiny sweater on the needles--
and have one fingerless mitten started on another set of needles--
and I did find the self stripping yarn on line and have 2 more colors in the mail!!
Who wants socks for Christmas????

Keep busy--working on those crafts--
Christmas is coming--quickly--!!!!



  1. I'm envious of anyone who knits, especially SOCKS!! Well done, my friend. And what a cute wee little sweater. Some little baby is going to be very lucky. Keep plugging away. Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?

  2. I have learned to knit socks in the last year also! It can be quite a challenge. I just started another pair yesterday. I don't want to forget how to make them, and I like to have something to work on while watching TV.

  3. Those socks are wonderful and I love that little sweater

  4. Hand knit socks for Christmas? Sounds pretty awesome to me! Enjoy your crafting and sewing this week. We've traveled North and are in the mts of NC...freezing! heehee! But I love the view of the mountains from our condo and the heat's on...so I can't complain! Hugs!

  5. Lovely socks - handknitted are always warmer :) I have joined a Christmas mystery mittens pattern, can't wait for the next part.
    I am always amazed at how much you get done!

  6. All of your knitting looks great! Funny is I am in fashion with my fingerless gloves--good thing that I bought two pairs because one of each of them got lost since last year. At least they are both purple--just not the same color purple!!!

  7. Love the way the socks turn out with that yarn...
    far too hot for socks here for Christmas...
    Sweet baby cardi...

  8. Haha with the socks - yours look great..just as well you are one for following your own heart and not keeping up with fads! Sweet baby knitting too - the cardi looks very snug.

  9. Ok, just make the next pair unmatched :) You could even do different colors, ... hey why not.. :) The sweater is so cute.... xx

  10. Very pretty socks. I really like that color. The SIT has been into mismatched socks for years. Makes it nice at laundry time, I just have to put two socks together, they don't have to be the same. I'll be sad when that's no longer the trend.

  11. Your socks look amazing! I don't care of mismatched is in style or not my hand knit socks will always be mismatched. I think that they are both made from the same sock yarn is matching enough lol. If you really want some mismatched socks you can take all your scraps and make Frankenstein socks. ;)

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