Sunday, November 5, 2017


So now look at what 'Di'
another 9 1/2 yards of Christmas fabric--
what is she thinking???
what are we going to do with her????
somebody --
Please get that wallet away from her!!!! now!!!
Here is her break down--
the first 3 are--
flannels and are only half yards--
and are for gift making!!!
the next 2 are just 'basics' for the stash--
(though the red one was only going to be a yard--but then that left less than a yard on the bolt--soooo?????)
this one she had seen there before and wanted some--
this time she could not resist the 'temptation'!!!

This one is because she is still trying to find a border print for the Christmas bom!!
and so she planned on getting 3 yards--and once again --there would of only been a yard left on the bolt and it is a good basic fabric--right---soooo!!!!

ALL of these were on sale she says--
plus she had another coupon worth another 25% off even the sale priced items--
sooooo--she shopped--

And she also got these items while there--
couple trees--
and these cute tin ornaments--
she found these first--then decided she needed a tree for them!!!! right???
some other craft items for Christmas gifts and for decorating ideas--
this cute box-
this will replace the one now on the table by her once she decorates for the holidays--

Ok now here is the problem--
1. here is one choice--

She love love's this skating fabric--but--
She thinks it is a bit busy and dark for this quilt top--

2. newest one--
3. then there is this one
and this is the one she got thinking backing for this quilt--
She really 'still' can't say that one is jumping out at her to say --
Pick me--I am the right one!!!!
but she is not buying anymore fabric for this quilt--
so it will be one of these--or she will just stop at the red binding!!
so now it is time for your input?????

            Enjoy the moments-Di

have you seen this street art??? they are sooo cute!!


  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!! I think that I like the 3rd one the best. The skates are really cool, but you are right they are a little busy and they take away from all of your pretty blocks. Can't do that now.

  2. The dark green holy is my choice.

  3. I like the dark green holly fabric, it makes a nice frame and you do have some darker green in the blocks. That side walk art is pretty cute.

  4. Yes I agree with the ladies. My favourite for the border is the green one. You can use it for a border and the little trees 🌲 for backing....

  5. ooooh, such lovely goodies!!! I like the green border too :) Makes it pop out! xx

  6. The Christmas quilt is so beautiful. (And I agree the holly fabric makes the blocks pop)

  7. I like picture 3, those colors are so great with the quilt !!
    Love that street art ;-)


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