Sunday, December 31, 2017

MY 2017 REPORT--

I have spent some time making lists--
but this one is not a 'to do' list--
this one is a "what I have done' list--
And for me 2017 was a big year--
Usually I start alot of bom in Jan and by Mar/April I fall
off the band wagon and slow way down--
way down--

But I am happy to say that is year--
I kept on going--
and nearly all the bom's that I started with--
I stayed with and kept up--
There is only a couple that I am a bit behind on--

My two biggest accomplishments for me are-
this pretty quilt--

going from just pieces to the final finish and is now on my bed everyday--
This one took me about 4 years or longer to finally finish it--

and I am happy that this one went from--

Just the few blocks at the top photo--
to the completed top here--
this one was along time in happening--

and even some of this years bom's got put into  finished quilt tops--
like this Christmas one--
 this one --the teapot one--

So here is the tally--
I got--
six quilts with backing and batting and basting done for hand quilting--
(though these have not been hand quilted as of yet--!!)


I had a total of 13 finishes this year--
I really don't think I have ever gotten that many done before!!

Also got a total of 8 quilt tops finished--
ready now for the backing, batting, and hand basting--

I did 5 other projects and finished them--
like the pillows for my son,
and a cat tote bag for Anne for her birthday--

and in knitting--
I knitted and gifted 4 pairs of socks--
one finger-less glove set--gifted
one finger-less glove set with scraf--gifted
and at least a dozen baby sweaters for donations--

And I almost got Block #12 of the wool bom finished-
and it should get to that point yet tonight while waiting for the
BALL to drop at midnight!!!

Ok--now if I could just decide on next year's goals--?????????
hey--I still got 5 1/2 hours to decide--
why rush it!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Well done on all those finishes ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow! I don't remember the second quilt, but I sure do love it! I'm going to try to work on my 2018 list tomorrow afternoon. Looking back at 2017 is too much work for my poor little brain. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy 2018! So many beautiful things from your hands :)
    I am going to pick 5 wips that I will finish this year. Now, how to choose .... :))

  4. Congrats on all the fun finishes and BOM progress in 2017. Looking forward to seeing what's next in 2018.

  5. Well done my dear!!! You did well! Hoping I can do much better this year!!


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