Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I love the mail at holiday time--
cause some days when I go down for the daily mail--
there is a key in my box for a larger box at the end of our mail boxes-
and when I open the door--
there is a box package waiting for me--
like the one from Anne in NY--THANK YOU--Anne--
OHHH--I don't open any of the gifts til Christmas--
and here You can see that Anne plans on me being busy in 2018--
she sent me alot a stuff--
a counted cross stitch kit,
a crewel embroidery kit,
a stamped embroidery panel of baby bears
a calendar to color each months flowers--
quilt magazine, fabric, pins, english paper piecing templates
stamps for mailing her mail--
and a JoAnn's gift card--should I run out of things to make--
oh--and 2 chocolate bars--you do see them don't you--
what--they aren't in the picture--
where are those Elf's--they must of eaten them up already!!!!!!!!!!!!

From our Sunny--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
I got the cutest cat fabric--
a wool cat pattern--
a charm pack of my favorite colors-pinks, teals, browns--
and a really cute magnet--

And from my dear blog friend, Alice--THANK YOU--THANK YOU
whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person yet--
(she is on my bucket list though)
lots of all kinds of things--
fabric, wool squares, quilt book,quilting tape, emery board,book mark, christmas ornaments,
cat needle threader,coaster, mug with sea turtles on it (and yes there is chocolate in the mug)
chocolate bars, and 2 books to read--
she plans to keep me busy in 2018 too--
maybe these 3 gals think that if they keep me busy--
I will stay out of trouble--
good thought--but I know me!!!!

And in the mail box--
there is often envelopes with gifts tucked inside of them--
A cute gingerbread card that doubles as a tree ornament--
from a blog friend, Carol in Ohio--THANK YOU THANK  YOU--

and this 'puzzling' item from Anne-Lise in Norway--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
but look at what this cute circle of fabric becomes--
a fabric container for thread ends or whatever--
and I see that Anne-Lise is like me--we both love stickers!!!

and from our dear friend and blogger in AU--Maria--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
a delightful homemade tree ornament and an AU Christmas card--

And from another blog friend here in FL Robin--THANK YOU--THANK  YOU--
this neat tote/project bag--
how do you like that 'colorful fabric' with a clear pocket so you can see what project
is inside of it--and I love those colorful snaps at the top--need to figure out to make me something with those on it--!!!

And from my long time now pen pal in PA--Cindy-THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
a pretty holiday tea towel, note pad, and cute note cards and a little clothespin snowman for the tree--

And now back to NY--
from my friend at Jeffersonvillage Apts Melinda--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
she is the Housekeeper /office worker there now--
a beautiful hanging humming bird--
this will stay out and I will hang it in the window for now!!!

I hope that I did not forget anyone--
tomorrow I will do show/tell from the kids and some other surprises--
in the mean time--


  1. My goodness, it's surprising that Santa had time to make all his appointed rounds with as much time as he spent at your house! Such fun stuff! You will definitely be busy this year.

  2. Hours of fun there, Di. :) and so many cute things.

  3. Looks like Santa was very, very good to you. You'll have lots of fun stuff to enjoy.

  4. Oh sew many beautiful gifts to keep you busy for 2018....

  5. You are going to be very busy!!! Glad you like your goodies!! Have fun playing!!


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