Saturday, January 27, 2018


For the big finish???
for my OMG project for January!!
Here we are in all our glory!!!
Yep my goal was to finish this quilt--Snowbound--

 I started this quilt back in 2009 in a bom of the month club--
from Bunny Hill--
I believe I kept up with the blocks each month--
but then it was a few years later before I got them into a top form--
and I hung onto the border fabric all that time--
it is a Bunny Hill fabric and has the cutest little houses on it-
Can you see them???
I added up some time I have in this quilt--
*****hand quilting hours--19 hours (all during the month of Jan 2018)
*****sewing snowflakes to the upper area of each block--2 1/2 hours
****Binding--2 1/2 hours
**** sewing on all the decorative buttons--2 hours--
** and then there was all the applique of each block
**the sewing the top together time
***and the basting of the batting, backing, and top--
so I figure I have at least 50 hours of work in this quilt--
So now on to the next hand quilting project---
It is  hanging in on my living room wall right now!!!

And hanging in the little foyer now I have this one--
This one is from Hatched and Patched and was also a bom project!


  1. Wow. It's gorgeous! What great perseverance to get it finished. And it's not even the end of the month yet!!

  2. Congrats!! It looks amazing! You still have 4 days left. You can finish something else!!

  3. The border fabric for the snowman quilt is sweet as can be.

  4. Congrats on finishing your OMG. It turned out beautifully! Looks like you are moving from Winter straight to Summer with your new hand stitching project. Enjoy!

  5. Fabulous looking snowmen. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  6. Wonderful finish!! I don't think I made it past block three with this BOM. Your snowmen look amazing.

  7. Sweet finish! Congrats on a finish!

  8. Love them!! Superb UFO finish here, fun border for them. I remember watching this BOM when she was putting it out and wanting to do it, but I was swamped and didn't. This year I am being crazy and not shying away from the 2 BOMs that are tugging at me. Inspiring to see yours finished. :)

  9. both fabulous quilts and well done on the finish... its beautiful...


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