Friday, January 5, 2018


Must be--
cause look what came in the mail today--
Ohhh--they are too pretty to open--
but, hey, I did it anyways--
and there was 3 lovely gifts inside--
In my new favorite color--
at least in the sewing/living room-
that little hedge hog is so cute and he is just what I was needing--
he will go next to me on the top shelf of the new stand by the rocking chair--
and instead of bobbins, he holds my spools of quilting thread nicely --
and now they don't roll onto the floor and at the face area is a nice slot for my little scissors--
and it works great-again-they now don't fall on the floor--
these are from a fairly new blog friend that I met online through the Color of the month challenge--

and look at what I did get done today--
Sewing area is all set up once again--
though I did move the table with the machine and the ironing board into different positions--

and I got some new straight pins for Christmas--as gifts-
so today--
I took out all the old ones and put new ones into the pin cushion--
I thought at first this was silly--
cause the old ones still worked--
but as I slid the new  ones into the pin cushions--
I realized just how much "sharper"  the new ones where--
I was really surprised--
even redid the applique pin bird that goes beside the chair--
and boy did I notice a difference with these too--
so I will try to remember that at least once a year--
"out with the old pins and in with the 'new' ones!!!"
When was the last time you cleaned out your pins in your pincushions?????

Well--that's all for this post today--
hope you are either keeping warm or cool--
depending on where you live!!!


  1. Cool presents. Love hedgehogs. I figured out that pin thing today when I was busy basting. Time for some new safety pins for sure. I sure you are going to go crazy now that your sewing area is back together. Have fun!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you. Again. Nothing wrong with stretching it out a bit. Nice gifts, and your room looks great!

  3. So glad you found a great use for the hedgehog. Our tree comes down this weekend. It was left up at SIT's request, her high school buddies couldn't all get together for their Christmas/Birthdays party till Thursday. She wanted it up for their celebration. Happy stitching this weekend.

  4. Lovely gifts from Kathy, Di. Your sewing space looks so nice and tidy - all ready for you to sew up a storm! Good thought on the pins - I hadn't really thought about new ones being so much sharper!

  5. Is your sewing machine at a good height for you sitting on the table?


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