Thursday, January 25, 2018


fairies are hard at work today--
I do believe they have the Snowman quilt there--
and they are sewing on the binding--
which means--
that the hand quilting is all done--
but there is still some work to do once the binding is sewn on--
they are getting there though!!!!!

and now all 4 rows of the row by row, wool bom are all--
basted--so that was another good job done today--

and now they have to decide on--
which stencil they want to hand quilt onto this little quilt-
as they are committed to 30 minutes of hand quilting each day--
so this will be their next project!!!

So what did your "fairies" do today????


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Lot of fun stitching going on at your place. Is it good that you had to turn on the air conditioner? We got into the 60's yesterday, but are back to the 50's with rain today. Hope you get in lots of stitching time this weekend and enjoy the warmer weather.

  2. Love the cat version of a laptop. I definitely need one of those! Great job on your progress. I keep jumping all over my list, so while I'm making great progress, there's not a lot to show for it!

  3. You are keeping busy with your hand quilting Di.

  4. Gosh your fairies really have been busy Di - you are making great progress and woohoo nearly a finish! Ha! Love that cat laptop what a good idea!


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