Sunday, January 28, 2018


And there is '2' report cards for Sundays--
one is the 'time' card--
And here is how I keep track of my stitching time--
in this little 'sexy' note book--
someone gifted me this a while ago--
and I had been just  'waiting' for the right time to use it--
this is my 'spread sheet'!!!

And now for this weeks actual report card--

**** Days stitched this week--7 days
**** Days stitched this month--27 days
**Total Days this year--27 days
**Total hours this week--4 3/4 hours
** Total hours this year--20 hours

as I said yesterday--I did finish hand quilting the Snowbound Quilt--
I am now working on this one--a new one-

and now for the Second report card--
on --
I did get some time in today on my counted cross stitching--
and did reach my goal on these today--
I can now say that I am at the half way part on this--I believe!!!
I should really be trying to get some stitching time on this piece during the week too--
not just on Sundays--we will see how this next week goes?????

I have put another 'animal' to work--
My lamb magnet needle holder--
I have lots of needles with different colored threads on them for this stitchery--
got tired of changing the colors on just one needle and remembered this Lamb--
so he stays nicely on the pole to my floor lamp--
And yep I am drinking on the job--
Pure spring water!!!
Have a great week stitching everyone!!


  1. Your "sexy" looks shiny. Does it have some kind of coating on it?

  2. Have I mentioned how much I love your cross stitch piece? Well, I do.

  3. I think you get an A on your report card. Well done. I love your cross stitch.

  4. You are really keeping on track with your stitching...

  5. When I ever start stitching again I'm going to keep a notebook, at least for a while. I love you lamb magnet I need to make one of those too. So annoying to always change the thread.

  6. I really like your spreadsheet for timekeeping! You had a great week on the finding time to stitch front. Still two more days left in January and you've already made great progress on your projects.

  7. I love your lamb magnet!!! I have to get something like that... much better than re-threading all the time... well done with your stitching and keeping track of it all! xx


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