Sunday, January 7, 2018


Yep--here is one more for me to keep track of--
or really for someone to keep track of me!!!

And here is what I have been working on since Christmas--
Have you seen this series from Little House Needleworks???
She started with the Fall ABC's--
and a Stitching ABC one--
I now have those 2 patterns thanks to a generous blogger--
but decided to order this one and start it first--
then I want to do the Stitching one--unless--
she comes out with the Spring one first--
or this one causes me to go blind!!!
more than one letter on here had to be frogged and restitched!!!
and I have to say--there is alot more stitching on this than I realized--
I love it and how it is coming out--
so onward--me and my needle will gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have a new friend--
I got her as a gift from Alice this Christmas--wasn't really sure I would use her--
but--half way through the stitching today and about the 100th time I had to try to
thread my needle--again--
I called her and she showed up and she is a bigggg help--
she has a magnet on her back and sits nicely on the pattern holder!!!
So Welcome, miss Kitty!!!

Well--I have not gotten my hand quilting time in yet today--
so I must go--

Happy Stitching--


  1. Your stitching looks great! Glad Miss Kitty was useful. Hopefully things go better tomorrow and she can just watch and rest.

  2. Such a cute Kitty.. I want one Alice.. I like all your goals, Di.. I still need to post mine... here's to a great year!! xx

  3. Love your cross stitch! I have a few started, and a few more in the basket. I really go in spurts with cross-stitching.

  4. You must have very good close up eye sight.


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