Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I did 'prep' a new project today--
after I cleaned and rearranged my fabric closet--
it seems every year I have to take more stuff out of that closet
(other than the fabric)
to make it better for me to 'access' my fabric bins!!!
What can I say???

This is a small applique project--the background piece is only 9x9"
and will be cut down a bit when done--
it is the center piece to a Mystery Quilt being done by Kathleen Tracy--
She is a great designer and uses mostly civil war style fabrics--
so you know what I had to do --don't you????
as I had none--and I mean none--in my stash!!!

And here is how my new 3 tier shelf unit is working-
that I got for Christmas--
it sits right by my rocking chair--
part of the top shelf holds my counted cross stitch project and an off-lite!!
and the small area to the right holds--
Georgie--my new thread, scissor holder--

second shelf has--
an embroidery project holder, 
the thread and pattern pieces for the new applique project--
and a knitting basket that has 2 projects going in it--

the  bottom shelf--
holds the book I am reading and my hand quilting project!!
and today I came up with idea--
to clip my pattern to the top rail for projects and I also clipped the fabric piece on top
so it doesn't get all wrinkled--
So I think I have put this gift to work!!!!!

And today the sun finally came out and warmed things up --
and I did take time to go outside and sit in the sun for 15 minutes--
Just out front (as the dock is still not open--booo!!!)
But at sunset today--it rained here--hard--so wet weather is back--
which is ok-!!!

I think I have my 'word' figured out for this year--
and it is different--
tomorrow we will talk about it---!!!!!

                     Enjoy every moment-


  1. So efficient! I'm working on Kathleen Tracy's Mystery, too! I totally fell in love with that first block so I jumped on the bandwagon.

  2. I finished my block this evening.

  3. Hello Di ... thank you for your visit to my blog & the lovely comment you left me. I think your new tiered shelf is great & love how you have put it to good use. Happy Stitching Di.

  4. Well done on the organizing. The shelf came in handy. The block is looking nice. Great excuse for buying more fabric!!


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