Tuesday, January 23, 2018


And this time I got it right--
DD took me and Frannie out for Pie
before she took us grocery shopping late this afternoon--
DD and I had Chocolate -Peanut Butter--
And Frannie has coconut creme--

Now if I had been back in NY and was at my old eating place--
Mr Chicken's (that is no longer there!!!)
this is what I would of had--
But so far down here it is more of a Lemon Creme pie--
and it is just not the same--
soooo--I had my next favorite the chocolate/peanut butter--
so now I will have to walk the halls alllll night to work off that slice of pie--
No--walking the grocery aisles was not enough exercise for that slice of pie!!

I did get 2 quilts hand basted today--
and I did get in my hand quilting time--
so all is good on the sewing front--

Did you celebrate National Pie Day????
And what kind of pie did you have???
What is your favorite flavor of pie????


  1. The quilts are gorgeous! Blue is my favorite color. I was thinking about making a little peach fried pie this week. I didn't have anything special for my birthday. Enjoy the sunshine today! Hugs!

  2. Love the idea of Pie Day , we don't have one in Aussie...
    Lovely finishes Di.

  3. Darn - I missed National Pie Day!! Pie is not my favorite dessert, but I do indulge in a slice or two each year. Good job on the quilting!!

  4. The one day I'm not paying attention, people get pie!! Next time you see a nice slice of Florida Key Lime Pie eat it for me please!!!


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