Tuesday, February 13, 2018


 Once in awhile something just plains 'bugs me'--
and I can just still leave it as it is--
but not this time--
About 3-4 years ago --at least--
I started this series--
there is one for each month--
I got January, February, March and April finished--
and the pattern showed them done as little pillows--
but with a hanger I believe--
at least that was how I had originally done mine--
but that made them a bit curved and with the stuffing--
I felt they were really hard to see all the words and designs on each one--
so finally I 'tackled' them the other day--
at least these '2' got re done--
I now just have a slice of my 'cake' board inside each one--
and they look much better--
and I can display them in alot of different ways now--
I just need more cake board to finish redoing the other two--!!!

It was also time (actually way behind time) for me to put up a new door quilt--
and I have needed to 'fix' the hanger on the door since I moved in here--
and finally that got done--
and up went the door hanging--



  1. Sorry I haven't been visiting. I seam to have lost my mojo for blog reading and sewing..
    Hope it's back now..
    Your cross stitches look great re done. .

  2. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I hope you are doing well. Your work looks very pretty.

  3. I love fix it days. Then you can really enjoy your handiwork. And this is fine handiwork, both the stitchery and the little quilt.

  4. I'm glad you fixed them and you're happy with the results. And it's about time you got up your Valentine's quilt. I need to make one for myself. Some day.

  5. Well done on coming up with a plan and fixing the stitcheries. I've started planning my cushions/pillows better so I don't get the curving on the main part of it too - very annoying :-) Just as well you got the hanger fixed just in time for Valentine's Day!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday. Your new door decor fit the season wonderfully. Happy stitching this weekend.

  7. Such a cute wall hanging! Hope you had a lovely valentines day! xx

  8. Happy Valentine's Week!! The little cross stitch pillows are sweet but not too practical for me. I prefer to frame them or make mini wall hangings.


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