Saturday, March 31, 2018


This months challenge was an even bigger one than
I thought it would be--
but by golly-- I just finished it and ironed it and hung it on the wall--
it is now 4:01 pm-- (and the kids are due shortly for supper--hope the maid is in the kitchen working on that!!!)
and here is this month hand quilted quilt--
It is hard to see all the work on this one-
will do better photos tomorrow or Monday to share-
but now as I said-- I need to be in  the kitchen!!!!
Total quilting hours on this one--33 1/4 hours plus 2 1/2 hours on the binding--
wonder how many hours I have in each block and in making the top and then basting it for hand quilting????

Enjoy, di

Thursday, March 29, 2018


it must of been shopping day today--
for the --
bloggers Easter Bunny--
cause hardly anyone did a post today!!!

And--well now that I think about it--
I was one of those helping out the
Rabbit myself--
while at the grocery store this afternoon--

so I did not get any sewing done today--
though I did a bunch of 'unstitching' this morning!!!!
You know I am in love with my seam ripper--
so I have to find projects now and then to 'unstitch' so I can
cradle the seam ripper in my hot little hand and put it to good use!!!

                   ENJOY, DI

Monday, March 26, 2018


But first another finish--
this is the second block from Alice/Joy's bom--
and I used 'green' for the focus thread color-
as this months color of the month is green--
so now we have 2 blocks done-
one in purples and one in greens!!!
thanks girls!!

Yep--a stalker!!
went out for a short walk and came to a turn in the trail-
and there was this guy--
a very dangerous and fierce looking critter--

I spoke kindly to him/her--
and I am afraid he/she remembered my voice--
and knew I was the peanut lady--
unfortunately I had NO peanuts with me today--
so I kept walking on by him--
but a bit further down the path--I looked and guess 'who' I saw??
I stopped-- so he stopped--
then he decided he wasn't 'cute' enough--already!!
so he posed for me--
Hey I know you are 'cute'--
but I really don't have any peanuts in my pocket--
so I kept going--
and went and sat on the bench in the small flower garden--
across the parking lot--
and look who followed me--
Poor guy--
guess I better start taking some peanuts with me, in my pockets,
on my next walk!!!!
                            ENJOY, DI

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Reports I have a couple--
lets do this one--
For this week --
this was a two day event--
I started this one yesterday--Saturday--
and by this afternoon I had all the words and letters done--
and it is a good thing--
cause the author just released the Spring sampler--
and I can't wait to work on it--
but first I have to order it and the cloth and some threads--
so ---
I have to keep working on this one--so that when the spring order gets here--
in a couple weeks-I can start that one!!!!!!!!!!!

and now for my weekly report for--
****** Days stitched this week--7 out of 7
******Days stitched this month--24 out of 25
***** Total hours stitched this week--8 1/2 hours--again!!!!
But the quilt is coming right along--I only have 6 days to finish it--
wonder if I will make it??????

Maybe the reason I was sooo fast in stitching on the counted cross stitch project this time--
is from all of--
Jet fuel in the air with the Thunderbirds being in town and doing 3 shows this week end--
they fly right over us here during their show!!!!

Ok--everyone have fun during this last week of March--
and lets get those goals and stitching plans finished up!!!

                                 Enjoy, di

Thursday, March 22, 2018


You do know that if you have '3' of an item--
then you have a 'collection'--
and now I have a 'collection' of kites--
here is the Blue one--
and  this time I got the top part correct--I knew I could do it!!!!
and I took the time to measure just how big a piece of fabric was needed--
for each piece of the kite--and wrote it down --so in the future--
I can make them even faster!!!!!
Now though I have to wait until April 1st to see what 'color' we will be working with in April--
I decide to do a 2nd quilt of kites?????????????????????????
here is all '3' of them so far--
(sorry I needed to clean up the flannel board before I took the photo-
I was in a hurry to post them!!  at least that is my story!!!
and talk about 'flying'--
I got to see these out my bedroom window today--
about 5 of them flying around and I think they are practicing for an air show--

I do love the 'sound' of them flying overhead!!!
and while watching them--
I noticed the river had a nice group of ducks on it--
fairly up close to the shore--
I can see at least '2' different kinds there--
so they are not ready to fly north yet!!!  wonder why????

I did do more sewing today--
but more on that tomorrow--
have a great evening--
and do some sewing--

                      ENJOY, DI

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Today we went backwards--
to February--to try to slow things down a bit--
oh well--I tried!!!
But I did add another Kite to my collection with
February's color of Purple!!
like I said yesterday--
these are going to 'addicting'--
so far is the 2 I have constructed--
I do have a bit of work cut out for me--
if you look at each kite--
you will see that I got the wrong top on each side of the kite--
I had wanted the darker color to be over the lighter bottom color--
I was sure I had it right on today's kite--

The pattern is from this 12, 2018
Here name is Melissa--
but the block was designed by Sarah Ashford, I believe--

Ok back to work everyone--
break time is over--

                   ENJOY, DI
guess what is coming to a town near you??

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I remember making a kite or two  when I was younger--
and I remember helping my kids make them--
so when I seen this paper piecing pattern--
I knew that even though I am not a paper piecer fan--
I had to make one--
this is the pattern--
and it is a very easy one to do--
in fact I think I will be making at least one or two each month for the 'color of the month' projects--

And I did some prep work yesterday and today for these embroidery projects--
The 'patience' piece is one of Joy/Alices new embroidery series--
and the 'hats on a base' one is one I have wanted to do since 2009!!! 
From Tozzscreations--
so lots of hand work coming up--

we are under a severe weather alert here--
I just want some good rain--you can keep the high winds, hail, and possible tornado warnings!!!

Enjoy, di
and today is the first day of --

Sunday, March 18, 2018


fabric bins and did get some green blocks made this week--
first I got the larger one made of the 10 1/2" square--very easy to do this month!!
a couple different sets of 9 patches--
one set is 4 1/2" squares and and some are 3 1/2" squares--
so some sewing did happen this week--

But most of my time went on this challenge--
and my hand quilting project--
****** Days stitched this week-7 days
******Days stitched this month-17 days
****Total hours stitched this week--8 hrs (most hours in a week so far!!)
I am still working on the felt rabbit quilt--

Hope everyone made their goals for the past week--
and wish everyone great success on their goals for this coming week--

                Enjoy, di

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I got "one" of  the baby quilt tops done today--
I need to know if I should leave it as is??
cause now as is--
is the little fence on each border is facing in--
and looks like a nice frame!!
or on that bottom strip
do I need to turn it around so the animals are not upside down?????
(I am disappointed in how the company I ordered this border print from cut it--
the design went the width of the fabric--so I am thinking when I ordered it--
that I would have 8 rows of designs going 42" across--plenty to work with--)
they cut it so I only had width of 22"--hence the corner blocks--
and I am not crazy about all the 'green' in the prints--so that is why I did
the lattice and the corner stones--and I will probably use a yellow binding on the one!!

And I got a 'little' order in the mail yesterday--
got the Kona color panel--
but now I keep thinking that I heard Kona is no longer making fabric--
so I need to do some checking on this--does any one know about this????
and one of the chicken legs pulls out and becomes a tape measure--
got her to  keep this guy company--
Mr Ducky was lonely!!!
and the charm pack is more civil war era fabrics!!

And now I am really--
this is done--
Finished it this afternoon--
I know there was some times when I wondered if I would ever get it done--
I did!!!
I was also sure that the Spring one would be out by now--
but so far I have not seen it--
but I do still have '2' others in this series to get caught up on!!!
and I still need to find how I am going to  display these????

So what did you do today???
any finishes so far this week???

                    ENJOY, DI

Monday, March 12, 2018


On Sunday I was being  good girl--
and working on my counted cross stitch--
when the phone rang--
it was my DD--and she said to get my cameras ready
a couple bottles of water and to met her downstairs--
being the 'obedient' Mother that I am--
I did just that--
Love the round corner on this huge house!!

It was a fairly nice day here--
not too hot yet--
so we just went driving/riding--
she drove and I rode and snapped photos--
we went over on the beach strip and headed south--
Here is one of the homes my daughter designed from the ground up for a Doctor--
about 20 some years ago--
and she pointed out more as we drove--
these flowers where growing on a tree--
Have no idea what they are--except they were pretty--
we came to a small park on down the road and this neat craved tree trunk was there--
and this neat building--
When we walked over to it--we were surprised to learn this about it--

do you see the date on that one sign--

I did decide it must of been hard living there with NO windows--
but did find one small one on the house side--
Old time living for sure!!!!

Then we drove on over  to the beach road and on to Sebastian Inlet--
The colors of the ocean where sooo bright and colorful yesterday--
bright blues and turquoises!!

and on the way home--
DD did her good deed for the day--
she had to stop traffic to do it though--

and not one car got mad--they all thanked her or gave her a thumbs up as they passed by
after she safely had the turtle off the road!!!!

So be ready--one just never knows when one can go exploring
 or what one will see when one does!!!
                            Enjoy, di

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