Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Today we went backwards--
to February--to try to slow things down a bit--
oh well--I tried!!!
But I did add another Kite to my collection with
February's color of Purple!!
like I said yesterday--
these are going to 'addicting'--
so far is the 2 I have constructed--
I do have a bit of work cut out for me--
if you look at each kite--
you will see that I got the wrong top on each side of the kite--
I had wanted the darker color to be over the lighter bottom color--
I was sure I had it right on today's kite--

The pattern is from this 12, 2018
Here name is Melissa--
but the block was designed by Sarah Ashford, I believe--

Ok back to work everyone--
break time is over--

                   ENJOY, DI
guess what is coming to a town near you??


  1. Both of your kites turned out beautifully! Maybe you can mix up the blocks a few with the dark on one side and a few with the dark at the corners.

  2. Oh I love this design. You're going to think I'm making this up...but we just went outside and saw a big kite in the sky. It's sunset and we were looking at the pretty clouds and saw a kite! Amazing!

  3. They look great to me Di. Thank you for the info.

  4. Oh I do like those kites...! I may need to make some... xx

  5. Those kite blocks look fantastic.

  6. Cute kites! And just what you needed - a new project. LOL! Have fun with them.


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