Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I remember making a kite or two  when I was younger--
and I remember helping my kids make them--
so when I seen this paper piecing pattern--
I knew that even though I am not a paper piecer fan--
I had to make one--
this is the pattern--
and it is a very easy one to do--
in fact I think I will be making at least one or two each month for the 'color of the month' projects--

And I did some prep work yesterday and today for these embroidery projects--
The 'patience' piece is one of Joy/Alices new embroidery series--
and the 'hats on a base' one is one I have wanted to do since 2009!!! 
From Tozzscreations--
so lots of hand work coming up--

we are under a severe weather alert here--
I just want some good rain--you can keep the high winds, hail, and possible tornado warnings!!!

Enjoy, di
and today is the first day of --


  1. The weather was very bad here last night. A tornado was sighted down in South Georgia and some damage was done. We got the rain and thunder and lightening, but no tornado. Thank goodness. Today we have high winds. I hope it isn't too bad where your are.
    I really LOVE that block. I saw one the other day some where and tried to find the pattern. Could you tell me where you found it? I don't like paper piecing, but that one doesn't look too hard.
    Take care. Big hug from me

  2. I loved flying kites when I was a kid.

  3. That kite block is very fun! Looking forward to seeing your RSC kites show up each month.

  4. Love the little kites! So cute and what a wonderful fun quilt they will make.

  5. Beautiful block! Love the little bows embroidered too!


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