Wednesday, March 7, 2018


about the straw--
that broke the camels back--
and it all has to do with this little quilt---
remember I got this top done and got it basted to backing and batting for hand quilting--
But--I really was not happy with how it came out--
my blocks were a bit 'wonky' and not square--
so even as I was basting it--I wanted to tear it apart--
but on I went with it--
I was on the that black inner border hand quilting--
and just couldn't take it another minute--
so picked up the seam ripper and away I went--

So this morning I started over--
and redid 9 new center blocks and they all came out nice and even--
and I did reuse the 2 outer borders--
so here is the newest model--

so if you really look closely you can see the difference's in the 2 quilts on the 4 patches--
not sure what really went wrong in the first one--it must of been when I was trying to square them up and I trimmed too much from one side--and some of the center pieces did not come out nicely--this set did--so now to get the backing and batting on this one and to the hand quilting phase---

And 2 more things on the trip last week end--
one night while in a restaurant when it came time to pay the bill--
we spotted this on the receipt-
See the Gratuity Guide--
we did have a bit of a chuckle--
then realized it is probably put there cause sooooo many people today --
can't do math anymore--
and I think it funny how this is done right down to the penny!!!!!
and we continued to notice now on all the receipts were ever we ate out!!!!

And you know how I love 'foxes' on fabric--
( there is not logical reason for this!!)
and I forgot to point out one of the fabrics I got at Rainbow's End is foxes--
how sweet is this print????

       Happy stitching--
                  ENJOY, DI


  1. Like the new version!! A lot of restaurants around here do that. Kind of giving you a hint--don't be a cheapskate.

  2. I think wonky can be charming.

  3. I would have done the same thing. I love wonky but sometimes it ends up looking "off" instead of quirky.

  4. If it was still bugging you while you were quilting then you made a wise decision to re-do it. You'll smile as you quilt now! Cute wee foxes!

  5. Sometimes you just have to back up and redo something to be happy with it. Glad you got it all done. I never realized how hard it is for some people to calculate a tip in their heads. I've had to work with the SIT on that when she got old enough to go out for dinners on her own.


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