Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Yep-- I am up to '6' hats finished--
as far as the embroidery on them go that is---
Here is hat #5--
Pretty in pink--
I did use 3 shades of pink on this one--though here it is hard to see that!!!

and Hat #6--
I like yellow and blue together--
but  think maybe I should of used a darker blue to go with the nice yellow--
oh wellll---
and now just '3' more to go!!!!
and finally--
someone gave me get out of Jail card--
the hallways are a bit better--
and this morning I was finally able to go down and do a huge laundry!!!
but now the whole apartment --even with 2 air purifying machines running 24/7--
smells like the hall ways--or maybe that chemical smell is permanently in my nose!!!!!
look at this photo---
Yeppp--there is water --standing water in our --
sometimes pond--
we got some nice rain today--and in fact it is still raining slow and steady--
the grass, trees, shrubs and birds are all a singin!!!



  1. LOL! I heard someone on the radio complaining that it was raining in Florida earlier. I knew you would be very happy with a few puddles. How many hats will you be making? Are you doing one each day? You are cruising right along!!

  2. I really like that little pink hat, very fancy. I like the look of hats, they just don't seem to like my head, as I typically end up looking silly in them. Glad you got some rain. I've had that sensation that I'm still smelling something that should be gone. I wonder sometimes if particles clinging to the hairs in our nose and sinus passages are responsible for that "after smell". I hate it when that happens.

  3. Your embroidered hats are adorable. Hugs

  4. Love the hats!!! Glad you got some rain. I will be happy when we get some that isn't laced with sleet!!!

  5. Such pretty stitched hats Di...
    Pleased you are "Let out of Jail"
    Nice puddles, we need some here....

  6. Oh such cute little hats! You are always up to something fun aren't you. I do hope your get out of jail card works and your breathing will be okay.

  7. All the hats are cute but I think the pink one is my favorite so far. Happy to hear you got out of jail for a bit. I always think the smell is stuck in my nose too. I've mentioned it to hubby but he just looked at me like I was weird. We are supposed to be getting those big storms that have been hitting everyone later today. Fingers crossed it is just lots of rain like the weather people have forecast. Tornadoes are scary. My poor brown grass needs some help though.

  8. What beautiful hats you are making. The rains sure do make the birds chirp and the pretty greens shine through all around us. Enjoy your day.


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