Wednesday, April 4, 2018


today I managed to get the second hat embroidered--
this one took much longer to stitch--
here is the original one--
You can see I changed some of the colors--
I do enjoy stitching these--
just '7' more to go!!!!

Todays spring cleaning job--
was part of the living room--
my sewing area--
and I cleaned the a/c unit--near the sewing chair!!

And I will be a prisoner in my apartment for a day or two or three!!!
they have some company come in and add new 'fresheners' to containers in our hall ways--
and they did that today for this month--
and the scent they used is causing me to have breathing problems--big time!!



  1. Love your hats! What a fun project. A friend just had her car in for servicing, and they left several little 'freshener' things in her car. YUCK!

  2. Your hat is adorable. I'm surprised that a complex like yours still uses scented fresheners in the halls.I know down here things can get a bit musty smelling from the humidity but so many people are sensitive or just don't want all the chemicals in the air. I'm guessing they probably don't even warn everyone when this happens?

  3. Not good on the breathing problems. Hopefully the worst of that is past. I have problems with strong scents too, it's miserable feeling like there are a ton of bricks on your chest. The hat turned out beautifully.


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