Sunday, April 29, 2018


I finally did get the top done for the Bee Blocks--
I stitched in 2016 as a bom--
and remember that I already started to put the top together--
once last year--2017--!!!
and it went from here to this--
and we I decided it as way too busy and you really did not see all the stitching
and coloring of each block--
so I had "frogged" all the lattice rows and just had the pile of blocks that is in the first photo--
and now here the Bees are--
(didn't find anyone tall enough to hold it up for me to take the photo--
there is 5 rows all together here--
I am still not sure I love like it--but--this IS the way it is staying!!
I have bought sooo much fabric to finish this one -
it is not even 'funny'--
I will probably use some of them to piece a backing for it!!!

***** Days stitched last 2 weeks--12 out of 14
***** Days stitched this month --so far--26 out of 29
*****Total hours stitched last 2 weeks--13 1/2 hours
****Total hours stitched this month--so far--22 1/4 hours
and I am happy to say that the hand quilting on the Shabby Roses quilt--
which is this months project is done--
and the binding is sewn on for the first step--
just need to do the hand sewing to tack it down--
so I think I will make my OMG for April????

           ENJOY EACH STITCH--


  1. Woohoo - what patience to unpick all that work and re-sew it...hopefully by the time it is quilted you will Love it! I think your top looks good - such a lot of fun blocks in there.

  2. Lots of lovely stitching in your previous posts...
    I agree with Raewyn . Pleased your happy with the blocks now...
    Love the photo of the wee fella and cat....

  3. Congrats on all the progress with your projects. You've done well at finding lots of time to stitch this month. Hope next month is a good.


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