Friday, May 11, 2018


Before all the 'fire/water'  issues at the apartment--
I did get one pink kite sewn--
and finally last night I had some time here at the daughters,
 to stitch the tails on--

so anyone want to go kite flying this afternoon--????

And here is today's heart block--
a pretty light aqua one--
and luckily the other thing I had done ahead of time was get some prepped--
and this is where I keep everything for stitching them--
and in the bottom I had already matched up 6-7 applique thread colors--

And now for the Chocolate news--
these have been my 'treat' this week--
And this is the daughters fault--
she gave me one the first afternoon I was here to try to calm me down--
and it did--
so when we went grocery shopping--
another box of them jumped into the cart--
these are really quite small!!!!
Smalllll--but yummmmmmmmy!!!!!!

update--still cant get in the apartment--
'dryers' still on and it is an oven in there!!!

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  1. Love your pretty pink kite and the hearts are looking great. Hopefully you'll be able to get back into your apartment sometime next week.


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