Tuesday, May 8, 2018


and boy has life thrown me one---
you will never guess where I am ?????

I am at the daughters--
for the night--and not sure how long???

Why you ask--
this was going on today where I live--

we had a fire today in one of the apartments--
and that apartment was directly across from mine--
and my apartment took some water damage--
so I can not stay there tonight--
it is sooo scary to know that all kinds of people and cleaning crews are in my apt--
and I am not there--
but I feel really bad for the two apartments under the one across from me--
Remember I am on the 3rd floor--
the second and first floor apts under her have lost nearly everything due to water damage--
one lady moved in just 6 months ago and bought all new furniture--
they are telling her she has lost everything --and so probably has the lady on the 2nd floor-

and how the fire happened in the apt across from me--is soooo sad-
will tell you more tomorrow--
am exhausted right now--
hope someone has a ton of chocolate for me----


  1. Oh my! Glad you are OK and not hurt. Hopefully, you won't be away from home too long and that things aren't badly damaged.

  2. Oh NO! Is there smoke damage, too? Do you have renters insurance or will the building insurance pay for the clean-up? Keep me informed.

  3. Oh that is awful ---also scarey!! Hope you are able to get back to your place soon--meanwhile--chocolate definitely is the answer...;))) hugs, Julierose

  4. That is horrible Di! I am glad you are okay. It is a good thing the fire didn't get to the other apartments. Smoke and water damage is bad enough, but if you lost everything it would have been even worse.

  5. Oh Di that is so heart breaking. I hope everyone is okay. How scary. I wouldn't be very comfortable with people in my apt. without me either and you have the extra worry about lingering smells.

  6. Oh No! Pleased you're okay. Sorry to hear of the water damage in your apt. How sad for all the other tenants...
    Nice you have your daughter close for you to stay and hope you got chocolate.
    Hugs 🤗 🤗🤗🤗

  7. Oh boy! What a nightmare! Glad everyone is safe, but so sad for all the damage and loss.... take care and eat lots of chocolate xx

  8. Gosh I'd got behind on my reading again Di...sorry to hear this happened to your apartment.Nice that you had your daughter to stay with. Hugs


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