Wednesday, May 2, 2018


It does pitter-patter--
especially when it sees-
a fabric sale, fabric store,chocolate shoppe, yarn shop......

I love making these hearts each day--
Here is May 1st heart--
And here is today's, May 2nd--
Besides both having pink in them--
what else do they both have in common?????
Two down, and at least, 29 more to go!!!!
And for those of you are waiting to see the Rabbits--
Here they are--
and that rabbit on the right side has to be a male--
cause he caused me all kinds of grief!!!
I just talked to him and offered him an extra carrot-
if he would behave and let me stitch him correctly--
(at least my Mama always said the way to man's heart was through food!!)

Now the next section

is a tall one--a tall tree with flowers under it and a Robins nest in the top--
and I did get started on it this afternoon--before my 'book' called my name!!

I think I heard that it was 'hotter' in NY today than down here--
or pretty close to the same temp--84 degrees!!!  Wow!!!



  1. Lovely hearts ♥️
    I'm pleased the male bunny was good for you and you got him stitched...looks great.

  2. I love hearts and anything shabby chic. I search for things by using that term on Etsy. You can see all kinds of pretty things. And I get in all kinds of trouble! heehee! You sure are smart to be able to make so much and to quilt! Hugs!

  3. Such pretty hearts! Hope that bunny cooperates to get his carrot! I seem to have taken home a boatload of cross stitch and a bag full of needlepoint last night... I guess I will have to learn the needle point.... I taught myself counted cross stitch years ago..... and was so excited there was a quilting cross stitch pattern with thread in the mix from last night.

  4. What brought about stitching hearts? They are pretty shaped.

  5. do you have an email signup for your posts?

  6. Those first two hearts are very pretty. Looks like the offer of a carrot worked, both bunnies look finished. Happy stitching this weekend.

  7. Your hearts are so sweet! I will start on mine tomorrow.. need to find a template :) xx

  8. Pretty hearts Di, a good start to your month :-) Your rabbits look like they must have behaved in the end as they look gorgeous. What a nice crossstitch that is.

  9. The bunnies turned out adorable as expected. Lovely hearts. Do you think you will be able to keep up with a heart a day or will you stitch a few "extras" for those off days where you don't get as much done as you would like?


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