Thursday, May 31, 2018


Does go 'pitter patter' when I stitch hearts
on anything--
and this month it has been having a field day
with stitching a heart each day!!!
Look at all these hearts--
31 days in the month of May--
and 31 hearts appliqued --one for each day--
I so enjoyed this sal--
Thank you--Deb at Happy to Be Scrappy--I had fun!!

And now for this one--

I have to say I worked hard this month to get this goal finished in time--
but there she is--in all her quilted glory--
my 1930's star pinwheel quilt--
I got to the binding part and was lost--had decided on a light solid blue fabric--
sewed it all on and then did not like it--was too light or something and there was no way
I taking it all off--
then realized that by turning the whole binding piece to the back--I had a nice finished look
on the front--so that is what I did!!!!!
I have total of '53' hours in just the hand quilting and binding on this one--
and all the stars where hand pieced--so this is a total hand made quilt--!!!
right now for probably the next month it is hanging in a place of honor on the wall--
but when it gets replaced with the next hand quilted quilt--it will make a nice table covering!!!

 Yesterday when on line checking out my bank statement--I noticed an odd charge--
it was only for $1.25--and listed CVS--well--I deal with CVS for my meds and had had a delivery on the 26th and charge that day  was for $2.25--but had not been there or had a delivery on Tues the 29th--so this morning I called CVS and talked to them--
come to find out the $1.25 was she gave me the phone # for them--but also stated that often times companies will do a tiny charge like this one--to be sure the card runs and then come payday and they withdraw alot more--
(oh and luckily I had printed out the page that stated this problem--)
cause when I went back into my account on line this morning--I couldn't find it--
but I was really nervous about this especially when I called the # given me
 and it only wanted to give me a cruise for $65 a person!!!
so I called my friend here and we jumped into the car and went straight to the bank--
where in--we stopped that debit card and got me a different one--
cause you see at midnight tonight--my direct deposits come in!!!
So watch those bank accounts--I am sure I dodged a big bullet here--
and so does the bank!!
Thanks for listening!!!



  1. Your hearts are beautiful Di...seeing them all together like that makes my heart pitter patter too! And I LOVE your star pinwheels quilt - how clever was that with the binding! Gosh it pays to keep an eye on the bank statements doesn't it - sounds like you were lucky.

  2. Gorgeous quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  3. Your hearts are lovely and the hand made Star Wallhanging is gorgeous..
    Lucky you spotted the unusual withdrawal from your account.

  4. Such wonderful hearts! So glad you played along with me this month! Scary on the bank issue. Glad you got a new charge issued.


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