Monday, May 7, 2018


Let it shine--let it shine--
hey what can I say--
once in awhile a song line will run around in my head--

Talking about hearts--
time for a heart update--
here is Saturday's--
and Sunday's--
and yes I had to do a pink one on my birthday!!!
and here is today's--
And so now that means we have done '7' hearts so far this month--
Here is my seven so far--
I am really enjoying stitching one each day--
and this afternoon I got 10 more traced and cut out--
wonder what color I stitch tomorrow???
And how am I going to finish this quilt off????
any ideas????

And look what I bought myself --
I have wanted a pillow with the birds on it for ever so long--
but everytime I seen them in the stores I was able to talk myself out of buying one--
but not last week--

and for those that read this blog on a regular basis knows this is perfect for my living room--
with that teal background--matches the curtains--(curtains a  tad lighter--but not by much!!)

OK--I know that you are all on pins and needles wanting to know what I did for that big birthday of mine this past week end--
ON Saturday night my son took me to Red Lobster for dinner--
I have not been to one in years and years--(like maybe 20--boy time flys)
and after seeing their prices it may be another 20 years before I go back!!!
we had a lovely tasty meal and good conversation--and I had to bring leftovers home!!
We both had shrimp dishes--
he had also planned for us to stop at a local Tastee- Freeze--and I was delighted that he remembered I liked to go there--but--I could not have eaten or swallowed another bit--so we put that off for this week!!!!
On Sunday afternoon my daughter came by with a gift--8 full season's of Castle --( I think she wants to watch them!!! kids!!!) I did really like that show though and do miss it!!  Then between rain showers we went to Joann's--just needed a couple things there and it was right across the street from where we wanted to eat dinner--that place was called Shell's--lots of seafood--again--had a big meal there  had fish--and then she went up the street to Olive Garden and got me slice of Lemon cake to bring home for later!!!  (have you had their Lemon cake??????yummm)
Today--Frannie, my friend here, took me to Olive Garden for lunch--again have some leftovers---good meal and good company--and they gave me another slice of the Lemon cake to bring home!!
So--I now need to not eat for about a week or more and walk about 10 miles a day to work off all this rich yummy food!!!



  1. Love your hearts--so cute--great cartoon--oh too true!! Hugs from another May birthday gal Julierose ;))))

  2. Celebrate good time! Is this one of those special birthdays with a "0" in it? Are the kids taking you out again next weekend for Mother's Day? I hope the refrigerator is emptied out by then. Love your hearts! I traced and cut the rest of mint=e last night. And I'm staying up to date with the stitching.

  3. Lovely hearts and I'm pleased you had a fabulous special birthday and was very spoilt.

  4. Well, aren't you making the restaurant rounds. Too bad birthdays don't come two or three times a year.

  5. Love your hearts, they are so pretty.. glad you had a wonderful birthday! xx

  6. Sounds like a lovely birthday with family and friends! Love your hearts. You could just sew them together as is without a sashing an corner stone. A pretty print border and a nice and easy quilt =)

  7. The hearts are working up beautifully. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with lots of family time.


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