Sunday, May 20, 2018


On this report--
Remember my goal is to hand quilt for 30 minutes each day--

Here is what I did in May--
****Days stitched this month --13 (out of 19 days)
*****Total hours stitched this month--18.25

****Total days so far this year-stitched--117 out of 130 days
I missed 6 days this past week due to the 'fire' here in the apartment complex and
having to go stay with my daughter--but I worked hard the last 6 days to double my time
so did 10 hours of hand quilting this past week--
This is the quilt I am hand quilting for May--
I have alot of it done--but still a ways to go--probably about 2/3 done so far!!!

Well--need to go stitch my heart for today--

Enjoy all the rain--
it is great for the Gardens and water tables-di


  1. Your swirly quilt blocks are very interesting looking.

  2. I seem to always be playing catch up with something or other.

  3. Sometimes life happens. It certainly did to you the week before. Hopefully you've been able to get back into the groove for this week.


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