Saturday, June 30, 2018


Well here we are on the last day  of June-
and a half the year of 2018 is behind us!!!
Ouch!!  that really is a bit scary!!

And tomorrow will be the first day of July--
are we ready to start the beginning of the second half of-

My goal for the month of June--
actually became a
If,  I was going to win
 or if the end of the month was going to win!!!!
But--I got to see this yesterday--
as I got this months project finished--
so here she is--
Grandma's Flower garden--
There was alot of hand applique on this one and took some time to do--
and I had to make the 8 hexie flowers that went on the stems at the top and bottoms of it--
and those stems where 'work' to stitch them on--odd angles to work with--
but now I have a nice finished top--!!!
and someday it will come back as a OMG project to get it hand quilted--
but first I will need to do backing and batting and basting!!!

I also got a few more hearts stitched--
and sadly the one coral on in the upper right hand corner will need
to be redone--as somehow that one had an orange stain on the cloth--
I did not notice it until I did the photo--it is the one I stitched this morning--
Decided I need a new ironing board cover--mine has alot of orange stain on it--
apparently from too hot an iron--scorch spots--
but it is the first time I have notice that
it came off on something else--!!!
I had a real busy week--
will tell you all about it tomorrow or Monday--hopefully--
thought next week looks just as busy--


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