Thursday, June 21, 2018


stitching every day--
but it is hard to show what all I stitch on each day--
 here is the last 4 days of hearts--
Notice the little frog on the one and I think those are deer on the other one-
that is the only heart block though where I could fussy cut them--

and here is all the hearts in this months batch so far--
Like I said--this one will probably be a gift quilt when done!!
( but then I do really like the frog and humming birds!!!!)

and this is the OMG quilt top--
I did get all the hexies appliqued down all around it--
am now doing some applique things on the 2 ends of this quilt top!!!

It has been a busy first 4 days this week--
but I think tomorrow should slow down for the next couple days--
so maybe I can actually work on a project on the sewing machine--
but which one????????????

and to everyone---

here on this side of the ocean at least--
so lets have some fun!!!



  1. Hello Summer!! We certainly haven't had much nice weather yet this year. So much rain. I love all your hearts. I found some leftover fabric today that just make some nice hearts, so maybe I'll make them again in July? Off to retreat tomorrow with a bunch of quick and easy projects. Thanks for the card!

  2. I love those hearts. It's going to be a very pretty quilt. Your OMG hexies are so pretty, another gorgeous finish in the works. Hope you find the time to sit at the machine and stitch for a bit. That's my plan for the weekend. Well after I get that darn tree out of my rose bushes!

  3. I love those colorful and pretty. Time for those inside projects with it so hot and muggy. I'm even sewing a little. Lots of hugs!

  4. Your Hearts are looking lovely together and love the fabrics you used in your OMG project.

  5. Your hearts are looking great! You've got more done than me... I'd better catch up! xx


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